BOSCH Season 2 Scoop: Interviews with Lance Reddick, Amy Aquino and Sarah Clarke

BOSCH Season 2 arrives on Amazon today.

“Its a great show. And this year, in addition to there being a lot more action, a couple of the plots end up dovetailing and turning into the same plot,” teases cast member Lance Reddick. “So it kind of becomes this great combination of intense drama and serious action cop movie.”

Fans of the hit series will discover a richer, deeper story for all the characters involved, not just the homicide detective at the center of the action, Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver).

According to BOSCH showrunner, Eric Overmyer, Harry’s relationships evolve in Season 2. “I think they get deeper. They are more nuanced. That’s also a function of doing the show the second season. We know the actors better. We’re able to write for them better.”

The first season set up the characters that exist in this universe. Viewers will now get the chance to learn more about those who interact with Harry on a regular basis.

“You get deep into Harry’s personal past with his ex-wife, his daughter and his mother. You get a lot more of that.” explains Amy Aquino, who plays Harry’s boss, Lt. Grace Billets. “With Grace, you get her coming up through the ranks and what that was like. You get to meet a friend of hers. You get to talk about her personal relationships and see her putting her toe in the water politically.”

Turns out playing politics isn’t Grace’s strongest skill. “She is brought into that and does a piss poor job,” reveals Aquino. “So she may discover she’s not made out for the politics that you need to be able to play in order to do that game and rise up. But she gets to try it out for size and it’s interesting.”

Jamie Hector returns as Bosch’s partner at the LAPD, Det. Jerry Edgar. “You’ll learn some more about Jerry in terms of where he came from and how he made it to the position of [where] he is and the areas in which he worked in the past which prepared him for today,” Hector says. “You’ll learn more about his dedication and loyalty.”

Harry and Jerry’s partnership will have its problems, which comes as a shock to no one. Leave it up to Bosch to try and one-man band it. Again. “He goes off on his own to try and solve a case or solve cases,” says Hector. “Jerry feels like, look, without me or without a partner for that matter, you can definitely end up not coming back. Something could happen so we need to establish that we’re gonna be together.”

“It’s just a sense of betrayal,” he continues. “As if your wife dipped out on you with another man.”

As for Bosch and Reddick’s Deputy Chief Irvin Irving, that relationship has always been complex. One minute they’re on the same side. The next, they’re butting heads. So what’s their status in Season 2? “Let me put it this way. Irving and Bosch…more on the same side more this season than in others,” Reddick answers cryptically.

Making political chess moves isn’t Irving’s only game this season. Something happens that Overmyer claims “gives Lance a real chance to show more aspects of his character and his talent than just being the stern authority figure.”

“It’s gonna start off all about the politics,” warns Reddick. “And then some things are gonna happen in this season that are going to derail his focus. Make him focus on something else in a major way.”

One of the show’s most important dynamics is the one between Harry and his family. Last season, he tried to forge a new bond with his daughter, Maddie, and his ex-wife, Eleanor. Thankfully the two play a more integral role in the second season.

“They really explore the relationship and how it’s progressed and how they deal with co-parenting Maddie,” explains Sarah Clarke, who plays Eleanor, the former FBI agent who’s now a professional poker player. “But, also, the investigation, like [Harry] did the first season where he baits her to sort of help him. That’s where their relationship worked best — when they were solving crimes together.”

Heads up to fans of Michael Connelly’s Bosch-centric novels. Eleanor’s story pre-series is not what you think. “You do find out what her backstory is. It’s not the same as in the books,” she explains. “They sort of cobbled it together from a few different storylines.”

Discovering Eleanor’s backstory really helps flesh out her character says Clarke. “You get a better understanding of why she turned to poker to help not only pay bills but also exercise a certain skill set that she had.”

Bosch is an intense crime drama that doesn’t have a lot of time for long-lasting romance. But Harry and Eleanor showed some serious sparks in the first season. Are things completely over for the exes?

“It’s definitely something we were playing around with and it continues to be a question. I personally feel like Eleanor sees Bosch as a semi-changed man,” Clarke analyzes. “Not completely though but someone who’s really trying and trying to evolve and integrate father into his persona. And that is very appealing to Eleanor.”

The ten-episode second season of BOSCH streams on Amazon today.

Credit : Tina Charles