Benefits Of Using A Private Tracker For Torrenting

Torrenting has become a popular way in which people share large files. Whether you’re downloading your favorite songs or a few HD movies, torrents are the easiest and fastest way to get the content you need. Most torrents come from public trackers like KickassTorrents or The Pirate Bay. For other torrents, you can get them through exclusive trackers that are invite-only, and not just anyone can download.

A public tracker, also known as an open tracker, allows anyone to host and download torrents without registering. These torrents are extremely popular and lack any guidelines or rules, as far as seeding and leeching are concerned.

On the other hand, a private tracker provides the same features as that of a public tracker, but it’s invite-only. It may take you some effort to get into a private torrenting site. However, the benefits are worth the effort. Here are some benefits you get when torrenting with private trackers.


With torrenting, you probably know that the larger the swarm, the quicker you download. Private trackers encourage their members to seed for as long as possible, thus guaranteeing more seeders for every torrent. Since most members use dedicated seedboxes with high upload speeds, it increases the speeds for most torrents, making them available instantly.


Private trackers have stringent rules about the quality of torrents uploaded on their sites. The staff and members review the quality, format, and organization of each torrent uploaded, and if it doesn’t meet their standards, it’s deleted from their servers. This ensures that movies or music available for download on their sites are of the highest quality.


One of the best features that come with torrenting with a private tracker is security. Users can comfortably download content privately and safely without risk of legal implications. Just as using a VPN, one can download torrents anonymously, plus the torrents uploaded on the sites are also checked for viruses and malware to keep off hackers.

Wider selection

There are some movies or files that you wouldn’t normally find on a public tracker and are only available on private trackers. Sometimes, they may not even be available to the public, but you can easily find them on private torrenting sites. Some private trackers specialize in rare or obscure content that isn’t available on the Internet.


Private trackers enforce rules that ensure long-term use of their sites for seeding. A few peers will download and upload many torrents for obscure content that you wouldn’t find any peers for on the public trackers. They form their community of seeders where they help each other answer questions, and even upload requested torrents or keep files seeded for longer. 

Many benefits come with using a private tracker when torrenting. It’s safe, and you’re guaranteed high-quality content, downloading and uploading at high speeds. You’re also in a community of peers where you can download content that isn’t available to others on the Internet. Also, remember to use a seedbox when torrenting to maximize these benefits. For the best seedbox provider, go to