9 Of The Best Netflix Series To Binge-Watch Right Now


As a movie buff, it can sometimes feel like you have watched all the movies to protect yourself; at that moment, that is when television series comes to the rescue. A continuous storyline that brings suspense and drama is the perfect thing to keep you relaxed and occupied for a long time. The best part is how you can simultaneously keep up with three different television shows that you forget what it means to be bored. 

However, searching for the right television show to invest in can be a significant hassle. Thankfully, with Netflix, there is a television series for everyone to watch. Here are ten of the best Netflix series that are binge-watchable.

One Of Us Is Lying

If you are a book lover, you probably have heard or read the book One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus. All murder mysteries are intriguing, but this one is even more nerve-racking as it revolves around the mysterious death of Simon, a student at Bayview High School. Five high school students share detention when one of them, Simon, goes into anaphylactic shock and dies. The show then digs into figuring out who killed Simon since everyone in custody has a reason to kill him. One of Us is Lying has two seasons on Netflix for you to enjoy. 

The Midnight Club

If you are a fan of horror television series, then The Midnight Club is just the series for you. It is a television show that portrays how eight terminally-ill patients form the midnight club. The patients gather at night to tell scary stories and make pacts that the next person to die will provide the group with a sign from beyond. The ten-episode series based on the 1994 novel; The Midnight Club would keep you both scared and intrigued simultaneously. 

Love Is Blind

Netflix’s Love is Blind is the series you want to watch if you are interested in dating shows. The twelve-episode dating show pairs couples based on personality to prove if looks, race, or age matter. With two seasons and the third currently running, Love Is Blind is the television show to give you the perfect dose of drama and romance. As the season ends, all the couples still engaged gather at the altar to either publicly commit to one another or publicly break up in front of friends and family. Love Is Blind is a Netflix series to binge-watch when you need to enjoy great entertainment.

Hurts Like Hell

If you are interested in gambling and Thai boxing, Hurts Like Hell is a series for you. The docuseries shows the corruption within the Thai boxing industry ranging from match-fixed, crooked refereeing to illegal gambling. The four-episode series has a blend of head interviews and dramatic re-enactments that makes it into a possibly confusing mix of documentary and drama. Hurts Like Hell, though a series in the Thai language, is a great way to learn about Thai boxing and the right way to gamble. More information about casinos can be seen on this page.

The Umbrella Academy

A series about dysfunctional superheroes is sure to have you binge-watching up late. The Umbrella Academy series, based on the comic series The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way, is about a dysfunctional family of adopted sibling superheroes. The sibling superheroes are trying to reunite to solve the mystery of their father’s death and the threat of an imminent apocalypse. The Umbrella Academy is full of drama and suspense, and it is no surprise that it has a fourth season which is its’ final.

Money Heist

One of Spain’s most popular shows, Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel as it’s called in the country, was written by Álex Pina. The story revolves around a band of robbers who want to seize control of Spain’s Royal Mint to create their own currency. In a parallel world, it is easy to try and imagine a world where getting away with a financial crime is possible. In this television show, a team of nine criminals have planned the biggest, probably most insane heist ever and are determined to pull it off, but something has to go wrong. In their case, their mastermind might be at fault. Money heist is everything an action series requires; plot twists and tension-filled. Be careful, though; the six-season Netflix series is enough to keep you glued to your television for days. 

The Queen’s Gambit

Whether it is a game or the real world, life is about survival, and the Queen’s Gambit precisely portrays that. You can watch an orphan chess prodigy with drug and alcohol issues try to win duels with Russians in Moscow. The Queen’s Gambit is the stylish and gripping seven-part Netflix series that would have you trying to learn the art of chess playing if you don’t already know it. The gratifying nature of “The Queen’s Gambit” is primarily due to the character Taylor-Joy presents to the screen: a charming, beautiful freak who delivers her words with a chilly, wintergreen snap and never really reacts in the way one might expect.

Orange Is The New Black

This Netflix original series was adapted from a book with the same title. The series shows a white, middle-class Brooklynite jailed in a low-security women’s jail for a crime committed about ten years before. With her power suits replaced by prison orange, Chapman navigates the prison system and learns to adapt to her new environment, eventually making friends with some of the most bizarre inmates imaginable. The show’s use of flashbacks in exploring life in prison made it a hit that spawned seven full seasons. Orange is the new black is a compelling comedy series that would have you staying up late for days. 


A television series is always an excellent way to unwind. There is a lot to choose from, and thankfully, a television series can keep you occupied during all your free and dull days for possibly weeks on end. The list features the most binge-worthy television series on Netflix. To begin your television series marathon, you only need to get your popcorn and tune in to Netflix.