17 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Outdoor Camping Experience

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Camping is a fun activity that brings you closer to nature. And for years, there has always been a strict “no-technology rule”when it comes to living in the outdoors.

But this is no longer fully possible in this day and age. Safety, hygiene, and health are all on the line for camping beginners who aren’t that skilled.

Of course, you shouldn’t be flooded with electronics at your campsite. But having certain gadgets around can definitely make your camping experience far more enjoyable.

The key is to balance it out and keep some essentials that will make you more comfortable. To help you with that, here’s a list of gadgets that you should consider taking for your next camping trip.

#1. Light Source

When you’re camping overnight, you’ll need all the light you can get. But keep in mind that it has to be a long-lasting, reliable source because charging won’t be easy.

Faveable suggests you pack at least two heavy-duty flashlights with you. And try to take a headlamp as well. These will come in really handy when you need to check for wild animals or navigate your way to the bathroom at night.

# 2. A Swiss Knife

From all the movies you’ve seen, you should know by now that this is a camping essential. A swiss knife goes a long way when you’re trying to survive in nature.

Make sure you pick one that has a wide array of tools. It should at least have different blades, a can opener, tweezers, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew.

#3. Portable Charger

Out in the wild, you’re very unlikely to get any electricity. But certain devices like your phone still need to be charged in case of emergencies.  That’s where power banks come in.

A power bank stores energy and lets you charge your device anywhere. When buying one of these, always pick ones that store the most power as these will last for more days.

#4. Solar Charging Kit

Since you’re going camping, it’s only fair to use an environmental-friendly way of charging. I’d suggest keeping the portable charger as a backup and taking a solar charging kit for regular use.

Solar-battery chargers do the same work as portable chargers, but they use energy from the sun instead. Even if your phone or device isn’t solar powered, you could get another power bank that is.

This way, you’ll have an unlimited source of energy for your devices, powered by nature itself.

#5. A Camp Stove

Campsites don’t always have the best cooking facilities.  And cooking on an open fire isn’t easy on a daily basis either. That’s why it’s always a good idea to buy a portable camp stove for your trip.

These are fast and efficient and pretty easy to carry around as well. They also allow you to cook a lot more different options than what you would on a campfire.

#6. A Camping Shower

Showers can be a total game changer when you’re living outdoors in the heat. But not all campsites have these facilities. A water source that could act as a substitute might not be available either.

This is a huge problem when you’re planning on being in the outdoors for more than three days.

In that case, consider bringing in a portable camping shower. This will give you the same comfort you get at home and significantly improve your camping experience.

Nowadays, you can even get ones with solar shields that heat up the water.

#7. A Portable Coffee Maker

Just because you’re in the wild doesn’t mean you can’t get the daily dose of your favorite drink. In fact, coffee will actually give you the energy you need for all the intensive outdoor activities.

Thankfully, there are portable coffee makers that will meet your coffee cravings with the least amount of hassle. There are a lot of options to choose from too, depending on whatever kind of coffee you prefer.

#8. Headphones

Although it’s fun to listen to music together, it might not always be ideal in a camp. Not everyone will have the same taste, and some people might prefer a private experience instead.

Of course, you don’t want to disturb the animals around you either.

That’s why you should always keep a pair of headphones in your bag as well. These don’t take up a lot of space, but they definitely are a lifesaver for those who need a little relaxation.

You can even get wireless options that connect to your music device through Bluetooth.

#9. A Cooler Bag

Bringing a cooler bag may seem like a hassle, but you’ll definitely be thankful for it later. As its name implies, it works to keep your food and drinks cold; it is kind of a substitute for a fridge.

And believe me, when you’re outdoors, a cool drink will give you much-needed energy and motivation.

Be wise when you’re choosing the cooler though, and make sure it is functional for long periods of time. There’s a variety of sizes available, and these coolers are also usually lined with antimicrobial material to keep mold away.

#10. A Water Bottle with a Filter

Water is scarce in camps, and you can never have too much. If you’re planning a camping trip with a lot of outdoor activities, this will be even more evident. You’ll be out and about, and water is very likely to run out.

In those situations, you’ll have to rely on streams or rainwater to quench your thirst. That’s why you should definitely carry a good-quality water bottle with a filter with you at all times.

This will ensure that the water is safe and free from pathogens, letting you drink in peace without fear of getting ill.

#11. A Durable Phone Case

If you plan on taking your phone to camp, be sure to keep it protected. There will be different weather conditions, and the phone might even drop on different terrains.

Pick ones that are waterproof and have very thick rubber grips. Look for labels like “extreme or military grade,” as these are designed to handle tough environments.

#13. A Portable Fan

It can get pretty hot outdoors, especially if you’re camping in the summer. And we all know how difficult it is to doze off or even have fun when we’re sweating away in the heat.

A portable fan will solve this problem. These are usually battery-operated and lightweight, so it won’t be difficult to place in your tent. But taking this extra step will certainly make your trip much easier.

#14. A Camp Chair

Sitting on logs may be more aesthetically pleasing and closer to the camp theme. But did you know that it’s actually pretty painful for your butt? And using the ground isn’t an ideal long-term option either.

Not having a proper seating arrangement can really harm your back and tire you out. So, consider bringing a camp chair with you. These are light and easily folded, providing you with a comfy seat anywhere you go.

#15. Self-inflating Pillows

The lack of pillows in a tent can really affect your sleep. And when you don’t get sufficient sleep, you won’t be able to enjoy your camping experience to the fullest.

Since normal pillows take up a lot of space, pack some self-inflating pillows instead. These are just as comfortable and work as a good support system for your head. They also roll up to a size that’s super easy to pack.

#16. An Electric Fly Swatter

Insects are a great nuisance during camping.  Sure, you can slather yourself in bug-repellent cream and spray essential oils to keep them away. But you shouldn’t rely solely on these methods.

Make sure to bring a good old electric fly swatter with you. These come in really handy, especially if there’s something buzzing around in your tent. You can even get battery-operated options, so there’s no need to worry about charging.

#17. Speakers

Whenever you’re with a group of friends, speakers are a much sought out item. And when laying under the starry sky around a fire, having some music playing out loud will completely change the vibe.

So, to double the amount of fun at camp, be sure to pack speakers. They will be useful during camping games as well. Just make sure to get waterproof ones, because they might come in contact with water.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gone through the list, surely you get the point. Why suffer when you can take advantage of all the technological wonders available to us today.

This doesn’t mean your camping trip will be riddled with unnecessary technology. You still need to maintain your limits and interact with nature a great deal.

These gadgets are simply a way of helping you out and making it a better experience. So, go on and make smarter choices for a more comfortable camping trip!