Why More People Are Playing Online Games Than Ever Before

You don’t need to be an avid gamer to notice that the online gaming industry is bigger than ever. It wasn’t so long ago that it would have been odd to see an online game advert on television, yet, today, you’ll see a handful if you switch on the box for more than a few hours. By 2030, it’s anticipated that the online game industry will be worth a staggering $132 billion dollars. To put that in context, the industry value of Hollywood is only $95 billion; the music industry is worth around $50 billion. 

So, online gaming isn’t just having a moment – it’s taking over the world. But why is that? Let’s dive into some of the key reasons.

Everyone Can Play

Not everyone has the time to go to the cinema or the money to go to concerts. But most people can play online games purely because everyone (well, nearly everyone) has a smartphone. In some countries, smartphone ownership hovers around the 85-90% rate, and that number is only going up with each passing year. If you have an iPhone or Android device, then there’s a whole world of gaming options available to you. It’s not like in the old days when only serious gamers who owned a standalone gaming system could play. Everyone can. 

There Are Deals to Be Had

Of course, owning a smartphone alone isn’t the prime reason why gaming has taken off. The low cost of playing has had perhaps the biggest influence on the rapidly increasing number of gamers. There is a wide range of free-to-play hyper-casual games in the app store, while gamers also don’t need to look too far to find an introductory slots deal, which allows them to play Vegas-style spin machines without breaking the bank. Even the games that you do need to pay for are significantly cheaper than titles available for the PlayStation and Xbox. People will always be interested in virtually free entertainment and, on that front, smartphone games very much provide.  

It’s Downtime-Friendly

We mentioned above how many people don’t have the time to go to the cinema. After all, many people are working longer hours than ever before, have long commutes, and have other responsibilities that keep their free time to a minimum. But certainly, people will always want to have some fun. Smartphone games provide short bursts of entertainment, especially casual games, which you can play for three minutes or one hour, depending on how much time you have.

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Why More People Are Playing Online Games Than Ever Before 3

The Quality of Games Is Rising

Obviously, people wouldn’t play online games just because they can if the games were low quality. A certain standard has to be met. Online gaming has been available on smartphones more or less since the iPhone was introduced. But it wasn’t a global smash hit back then; that only came later when the quality of the games increased to a high standard. Today, smartphone games aren’t as good as console games (which are reaching the level of fine art), but they’re certainly very good. Casual gamers will find the quality is more than good enough for their needs. 

There’s Often a Social Element 

Music and movies are largely independent activities. Online gaming is a social activity. Some are directly social in that you can play with or against other people; others are indirectly social, allowing you to post your scores or challenge your friends. The vision of the individual gamer is no longer true. People play games to connect with their loved ones. 

It’s the Most Convenient Form of Entertainment

Finally, online gaming’s rise is due in part to the convenience that it offers. There’s no special hardware you need to play beyond your smartphone (and an internet connection), which everyone has. The games are not complex. In fact, some are so straightforward that the learning curve is basically non-existent. Within a few seconds of reading what you have to do, you’ll know how to play.