Wedding Day

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Let this serve as a warning to you.  I was about 6 minutes into TNT’s newest “reality” show Wedding Day, and I already had tears in my eyes.  The show that works to surprise people days before their own weddings with everything they ever dreamt of having for their dream wedding.  In the premiere, we watch Holli and Steve’s story.  She was in a horrible car accident 4 days before their original wedding date a year and a half ago, and they have spent so much money on medical expenses, and Steve has had to take time off of work and basically, they’re doing all they can to make their wedding perfection, but it’s been difficult.

Enter their family and friends who got together to surprise them with a wedding from TNT, and from top to bottom, the wedding is more than they ever expected.  Highlights include tearing up the carpet in their church and laying a gorgeous hardwood floor, Manolo Blahniks, heaps of candy at the candy bar, and a special musical guest that had me going “SHUT UP!”

I’m a crier by nature, so I found myself having trouble keeping my eyes dry enough to enjoy the reception.  Episodes 2 and 3 that they sent for review were equal parts sad and happy.  If you’re looking for a heartwarming show, this is the one for you!

Wedding Day Series Premiere Airs Tuesday, June 16th On TNT 8PM EST