Ways To Save Your Battery While Playing Mobile Games

Smartphones have become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Besides enabling communication and facilitating online transactions, your device comes in handy for playing games ‘on the go.’ With high-quality mobile games released every fortnight, most gamers are interested in knowing how to engage these offerings without their device battery giving out.

Is there a secret toggle you can activate to extend your battery life while you binge your favorite mobile games? Not quite. However, this guide will examine viable tips to adopt to reduce the strain on your smartphone battery while gaming.

5 tips to save your device battery while playing high-quality mobile games

It is possible to enjoy seamless gaming on your smartphone without sacrificing too much battery. Simply adopt the following tips.

1. Reduce your screen brightness

Your device’s screen is made up of pixels. Each pixel requires power to function. If your screen is at maximum brightness, your battery will drain quickly. To engage your favorite real money slots for as long as possible without recharging your phone, you should lower your backlight to a level convenient for your eyes.

Android users who don’t fancy swiping down often to change their brightness settings can set up automatic brightness. 

2. Lower the game graphics

Most games employ 4K graphics. Leaving this setting active without a trustworthy power source nearby will drain your cell phone battery within a few hours. To avoid this, we recommend switching the graphic quality to 1080p or 720p.

This may eliminate some gaming effects, but your device’s CPU and GPU won’t need to work as hard during gameplay. Ultimately, it saves your battery life in the long run. 

3. Never charge and play

Playing your favorite mobile game while charging it might seem like a great idea, but it really isn’t. It may appear as though the battery level remains the same, but if you are actively playing, your smartphone battery deteriorates with time. When this happens, you won’t be able to play those high-quality games for endless hours.

To avoid issues, don’t use your device to play games while charging. Unlike the early days of smartphones, newer variations integrate ‘fast charging’ attributes that can see your device go from 0% to 100% within minutes. 

4. Lower the game volume

Although revolutionary gaming apps like Pokémon Go have interesting sounds that make your gameplay adventure immersive and fun, we recommend lowering or turning them off to get the best from your battery.

5. Activate airplane mode

Probably the oldest trick in the book, activating airplane mode is great for battery-saving. With this feature enabled, your smartphone antennas – those used to access the Internet and WiFi networks – are inactive.

Thus, your device consumes less power, allowing you to play mobile games for longer before you need to recharge your battery. This tip is best for offline games where your progress doesn’t need to be backed up to a cloud server. 

Conclusion – You can play high-quality mobile games without worrying about your smartphone battery when you use the tips above. You might not be able to implement all tips, but you can adopt those you feel won’t interfere with your daily smartphone use.