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SyFy’s new show, Warehouse 13, premieres tonight on the old network with the new name!  A lot of people have drawn comparisons to FOX’s old hit The X Files, a show that I myself never watched, so the comparisons mean nothing to me.  From what I understand, Mulder was a believer, and Scully was a skeptic, and they fought and loved, and all of that business.  In the new series, Eddie McClintock is the Mulder in question – a sarcastic, adorable, charming, and whip smart Secret Service agent who tends to break the rules.  Joanne Kelly is the Scully – a beautiful, intelligent, by the book Secret Service agent who tends to color code her plans and run every scenario through her head 100 times before deciding on a plan of attack.

After they come together to solve a mystical problem while protecting the President of the USA, they’re inadvertently pulled into a world of haunted wallets, and cursed blood stones, against their will.  As they fight together to “save the world’s day” with the help of a quirky man at the titular Warehouse 13, they realize that perhaps their out of the blue assignment to Iowa wasn’t the worst thing that could happen.

All that said, I really enjoyed the premiere.  I thought Eddie McClintock was perfect.  A more sarcastic David Boreanaz, he is a great leading man.  He has great chemistry with anyone he comes into contact with, including his pretty leading lady.  While it’s not the most original idea on the planet, the approach to the story telling is what sets it apart and makes it a show I’ll watch week to week.

Premiere: Tuesday, July 7th on SyFy  9/8c