The Secret World Announces Release Date

We stand on the brink of war and you probably had no idea. A modern day struggle for absolute control is about to spill over into your reality, and in this conflict nothing is as it seems.

The Secret World — the exciting new MMO — pits secret societies the world over against each other for total domination. Today, EA announced that The Secret World will be released for PC in April 2012, and there will be upcoming opportunities to participate in the game’s beta. Beta registration opens August 26th through a unique interactive social media campaign.

The Secret World is a groundbreaking new MMO set in the modern day that defies genre conventions like character classes and levels. Globetrotting storylines have you interacting with networks of unique, fully realized NPCs and combating supernatural beasts. In a world where every myth, legend, and conspiracy is true, three secret societies are locked in combat for the fate of the world. Which side will you choose?