The Real World New Orleans Episode 7 Recap

MTV New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

The drama between Ryan and Preston is finally old news this week, but new drama arises this week between Knight and the rest of the house.


The drama between Ryan and Preston is finally old news this week, but new drama arises this week between Knight and the rest of the house.

Within seconds of the episode beginning this week we can already see that Knight is going to cause some drama. Preston and the girls are getting ready to go out to a Lady Gaga party. Like any Gaga party or concert, pretty much everyone dresses up in some Gaga-inspired outfit. Preston takes it to the max with a big wig and clothes that would look better on a girl. Would we expect anything different from Preston? At this point you’d think Knight would’ve learned that this is who Preston is, but he hasn’t and can’t manage to keep his opinions to himself. He yells some hateful things at Preston and says he hopes Preston gets knocked out for wearing that. After Preston leaves Knight continues to act like a typical drunken frat boy by eating a bug in order to gross out Eric and Ryan, Ryan almost pukes.

The next day the whole group goes on a Hurricane Katrina tour to see all the damage that still sits untouched five years after the storm. Many of the houses have been completely untouched and still have the holes in the roof where families had to cut their way out to escape the rising waters. The tour inspires the whole group, especially McKenzie who has decided that she wants to spend the rest of her time in New Orleans helping out. So, the entire group, except Ryan who is too good for it, volunteer the next day with Habitat for Humanity to help build a home for a young, single mom. McKenzie takes the lead helping out even though she’s never built a home before. She hammers nails, handles power tools, even climbs ladders which she says she’s really scared of. The others help as well, though Preston is having some issues. He’s not the most skilled when it comes to physical labor and he gives up about halfway through the day after hammering his finger and running into someone with the ladder. You can’t fault the guy for trying but he does seem to whine a lot. They grab dinner later and Preston is still upset feeling like a failure. Knight tries to get a fight started with him but Preston ignores his taunting.

MTV  New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

Knight continues to be ridiculously obnoxious. Jemmye is sleeping in his bed, per usual, and he tells her to get on the other side of the bed and calls her a hoe and a bitch. After she moves to the other side of the bed for him he then tells her he wants a blowjob. She just lays there and lets him speak to her like that without saying a word. He has been doing this a lot more lately and it’s come to the attention of the other roommates.

A friend calls Sahar and tells her that her boyfriend, Pablo, back home has been cheating on her. Her friend spotted him making out with a girl at a club and then going home with her. Sahar doesn’t really feel comfortable telling anyone at the house. She finally goes to lunch with Jemmye and opens up to her about Pablo.

The roommates go out to a bar and Knight ignores Jemmye all night so he can flirt with McKenzie instead. Earlier in the day when they were working on the Habitat house Knight said that McKenzie working on the house really turned him on. Is he trying to switch from Team Jemmye to Team McKenzie now? Jemmye gets jealous, shocker. When they all get back home Knight and McKenzie do a confessional together. Jemmye tries to walk in to do the confessional with them but Knight quickly yells at her to get out. Yikes! Jemmye calls a friend crying and then cries to Ashlee. Jemmye tells Knight that he treats her like shit and then goes to cry in Sahar’s bed.

The next morning, Knight tries to pin the blame on Jemmye for being dramatic but Sahar sticks up for her telling him that he needs to take some responsibility for his actions and the things he says. Knight tells her to mind her own business. Later, Knight and Sahar get into a major blowout which starts with Knight teasing Sahar that she looks pregnant and then he makes a Muslim joke. Sahar lets it go at first but then follows Knight to his room and they go at it again. Sahar tells him that the gap between his teeth is so big she could build a bridge between them. Knight hits back with a joke about Pablo cheating on her, this leaves Sahar speechless. She is furious that Jemmye told him. Sahar confronts Jemmye but she doesn’t have much to say, she just stands by Knight’s side and never apologizes to Sahar.

The next day, Jemmye and Sahar talk and Jemmye tells Sahar how sorry she is. Jemmye admits that seeing Knight bring down another female and enjoying it makes her scared. In the other room Knight tells Preston what happened the night before with Sahar and he’s still making jokes.

Preston and Knight go to a bar that night and settle their differences. They talk sports and experiences in high school. Knight realizes that he doesn’t hate Preston and Preston realizes Knight isn’t a bad guy. They “air hold hands” on the way home.

The next day Knight apologizes to Sahar and she accepts. They all go back to help at the Habitat house, again minus Ryan. Preston does a much better job today and doesn’t whine about anything. That night the drama starts up again when Knight talks down to Jemmye. McKenzie tells Jemmye that she needs to stand up for herself when he talks to her like that and he will stop. Jemmye ends up crying to Knight. He gets mad that the others are making him out to be a bad guy, but maybe that’s what it’s going to take to open his eyes.

Jemmye and Ashlee go to a domestic abuse shelter the next day to see about volunteering. Jemmye ends up talking to the social worker a little about what she went through in the past with her abusive ex. Jemmye realizes that it’s a cycle of being in abusive relationships and wonders if that’s what she’s doing again with Knight. That night Jemmye and Knight talk, he tells her that she needs to tell him when he says things that hurt her. He makes a lot of innocent jokes but sometimes they hurt.

Do you think Knight is an abusive guy or does he just take his jokes a little too far sometimes?

Next week, Jemmye is the one causing drama and lots of it. After she gets too drunk one night the house turns into hell. And, it looks like Sahar goes on a rampage throwing things off a coffee table.