The Real World New Orleans Episode 4 Recap

MTV New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

Superbowl, vodka, naked pictures, sex in random bathrooms, and peeing on toothbrushes. What do all of these things have in common? They all happen this week on The Real World: New Orleans.


Superbowl, vodka, naked pictures, sex in random bathrooms, and peeing on toothbrushes. What do all of these things have in common? They all happen this week on The Real World: New Orleans.

Jemmye and Knight sneak off together during one of the Mardi Gras parties to have sex in a random bathroom. The other cast members can’t help but stand by the door hoping to hear something. Pervs! The next morning, the crew hits the street to toss around a football. It’s the beginning of Superbowl weekend and the Saints are in the Superbowl, so the entire town “Who Dat Nation” is super excited.

Knight asks Preston about being gay in high school, so Preston tells him his coming out story. It was his senior year in high school, rumors were starting to float around about him so he stood on a desk and announced he was gay to everyone. Meanwhile, Ryan calls his cousin and talks smack about Preston.

Preston and Ashlee go to a local radio station to see if they can do any on-air work and surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) they give Preston and Ashlee on-air gigs right away. They will be part of their street crew doing occasional on-air segments. Their first assignment will be to get interview clips from one of the smaller Superbowl/Mardi Gras parades.

MTV  New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

Preston checks his email when he gets home and finds one from “Big Thang.” The email just so happens to include naked pictures. Preston thinks it’s hilarious and shares it with everyone in the house. Knight isn’t impressed with Big Thang’s lil thing claiming his thang is bigger. Maybe they should let us decide that? I’m sure there are plenty of you that wouldn’t mind judging that one.

The whole gang goes to the small Mardi Gras parade that Preston and Ashlee have to cover. Unfortunately, Ashlee doesn’t know how to use a recorder and Preston is too busy doing other things, so they end up getting zero coverage from the parade. Oopsies! On the way home in the car, Preston and Ryan get into a huge fight because Ryan keeps calling Preston a fa****. At first Preston just ignores it but then Ryan keeps going on and on and things get heated. Things settle down once they’re at home, except Ryan keeps glaring at Preston. Ryan calls his brother and whines to him about Preston. His brother tells him to man up, then he gets off the phone and Knight comes to talk to him and tells him to just think about his actions before he does or says anything. Pretty much everyone is telling you to quit being such a douchebag, Ryan. And, if you choose to be a douchebag don’t whine when people fight back.

Superbowl night the gang heads to a bar/club to hopefully celebrate a Saints win. The night gets off to a dramatic start when Preston gets kicked out of the club for no apparent reason except for being gay. It turns out that the real reason might be that the club thought he was trying to get an underage friend with a fake id into the club. Preston denies it and eventually is let back in. McKenzie works on getting trashed with her new friend, Dom, before the game even ends.

The Saints won the Superbowl against the Indianapolis Colts… which we already knew but makes me happy all over again! All of New Orleans goes crazy, the gang included. Eric and Sahar kiss, again. I thought these two were done?! It’s not New Years, kids. Dom and McKenzie keep pounding drinks and shots. McKenzie is at the point of no return and decides it’d be a good idea to head home with Dom. The rest of the gang call Dom a “creeper.” Preston tries his best to save McKenzie from going home with Dom, but she refuses and eventually Preston just lets her go. Sorry, but never let your drunk friend go home with strangers… even if you have to literally drag them home. Invite the friend back to the house if nothing else. Luckily, McKenzie just goes to another bar with Dom and then decides to catch a cab home. She actually ends up beating Preston back to the house which is pretty funny.

The next day the house is dirty and everyone is pissed because Ryan hasn’t been doing anything. They ask him to do the dishes and his answer is “I’ll do it when I do it.” Oh really? Preston goes to Ryan’s room and asks when he’s going to get to the dishes because they’d all like to know. Ryan ignores him until he leaves the room and then mumbles a response. Preston gets pissed that he can’t say things to his face and calls him out on it. This all leads to yet another argument between them.

After the argument things really get interesting. Ryan tries to piss Preston off by rubbing his bare ass on Preston’s cigarettes. He does it in the confessional so Preston has no idea. While Ryan is off doing this though, Preston takes things to the next level and pees on Ryan’s toothbrush. Yuck!

That night Jemmye and Knight go to the bar and things turn ugly when Knight starts talking to another girl. Jemmye keeps giving him a death glare but Knight keeps on talking to the girl. Jemmye gets pissed and dumps a beer over Knight’s head. Knight is so mellow mannered though that he just laughs it off and is confused of why she’s so upset. They go home and do a confessional together. Both of them are lucky to be able to even string a sentence together they are slurring their words so bad. They are cute and funny together. Knight lets it slip out that he has feelings for Jemmye, which then leads to them having sex, again.

Knight and Sahar go for a walk the next morning and he tells her that he says things sometimes to make people happy or for a situation to have a happy ending, no pun intended. In other words, he now claims he doesn’t really have feelings for Jemmye but was just trying to get out of the awkward situation. I’m thinking he just doesn’t want to admit that he has feelings for her because then he might get hurt. What do you think?

The episode ends with Ryan using his peed on toothbrush and no one telling him about it. Tune in next week to see if he finds out and if things turn into WWIII.