The Real World New Orleans Episode 3 Recap

MTV New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

What would you do for a string of beads? It’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans which means things are about to get wild with the Real World crew!


What would you do for a string of beads? It’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans which means things are about to get wild with the Real World crew!

We get off to a wild start right from the beginning of the episode. The crew is drunk at home and Jemmye is giving Knight a lap dance. We knew these two were going to happen eventually. But, surprisingly, nothing else happens after this. Ryan tries to make something happen with McKenzie by crawling in bed with her, but she quickly kicks him out and replaces him instead with a Mardi Gras mask that she has nicknamed Charles.

The next morning, Knight and Ashlee make a poster counting down to when Jemmye will have sex with a white guy, presumably Knight. They take guesses from everyone. Not sure what the prize will be for the winner. Maybe they get to sleep with Jemmye as well? She might be up for it.

That night the crew goes clubbing. Ryan and McKenzie seem to be getting closer, they are certainly enjoying dancing together. They go home and cuddle some more and then it looks like they head upstairs to get their freak on, but instead they brush their teeth together and then McKenzie decides she doesn’t want him anymore. Ryan tries to act like he’s not heartbroken but clearly he is, and rightfully so. How dare she play games!

MTV  New Orleans Cast

Real World New Orleans Cast : Photo: MTV

One of McKenzie’s closest friends, Suze, arrives the next day for a visit. Ryan immediately takes a liking to Suze. They go clubbing again tonight. Knight is sure tonight is going to be the night he scores with Jemmye. It looks like Preston beats Knight out though for getting some action. Preston brings home a guy named Maxwell from the club. It looks like they are going to waste no time to get down to business. Preston asks Knight for a condom, which Knight has an entire stash of, and is happy to share. Preston and Maxwell have sex in the shower. While they are getting it on, another guy nicknamed “Big Thang,” who Preston met at the club the night before, calls for Preston but Eric tells him that Preston is sleeping. Who would have thought Preston would be the one getting all the action this season?!

Maxwell leaves early the next morning and then Preston calls Philip aka “Big Thang” back and they go on a date that afternoon. They seem to get along really well.

Back at home, Suze and Ryan are flirting a lot which is annoying the hell out of McKenzie. That night the three of them hit the club together hand-in-hand. The rest of the crew are at other bars as well. Knight and Jemmye are at a club together and she gets crazy jealous when a random girl starts talking to Knight. Her way to get him back is to dance with another guy.

By the end of the night, Jemmye and Knight make up but she is totally trashed. He helps her get back to the house but he’s not interested in having sex with her tonight. She’s not one to give up though and she searches the house trying to find him. He’s hiding out in the shower. She eventually finds him and then goes to her bed to pout. Knight never does go to bed with her. Ryan and Suze start making out, McKenzie says she’s pissed that her friend screwed her over. Umm, didn’t you just play games with Ryan the other night when you had the opportunity to have sex with him? McKenzie ends up telling Suze to leave before bed time so that there’s no chance Ryan and Suze can hook up. Really, you tell your friend who is visiting to leave? Classy.

For the second night in a row, Preston is the only one in the house getting some action and this time it’s with Philip “Big Thang.” They start making out in the hot tub before making their way to the shower to finish. What’s with Preston only having sex in the shower?

The next afternoon Philip is still at the house and he and Preston are going at it again. Once again Preston had to ask Knight for a condom. He better save Knight a condom to use with Jemmye. Ryan gets annoyed that Preston is having all the sex and that he’s not being shy about it. Sahar gets annoyed with Ryan getting annoyed. It’s a vicious circle of annoyance and it’s only a matter of time before everyone goes at it.

That night Ryan and Preston do go at it, they go back and forth bickering. In the confessional, Ryan says he doesn’t like Preston, then Preston goes into the confessional and says he doesn’t like Ryan. Is just me or is there some sexual tension between these two? I mean, they were just cuddling with each other like a week ago.

They all go clubbing, yet again. Suze is at the club and she and Ryan hang out all night. McKenzie wants nothing to do with the two of them and refuses to let Suze ride back in the SUV with them claiming there isn’t enough room. McKenzie takes a different ride home, so Ryan and Suze do end up going home in the SUV together. McKenzie doesn’t know Suze is at the house so Suze and Ryan sneak around trying to avoid a confrontation with McKenzie. It doesn’t last long, eventually Suze says screw it and just walks out in front of McKenzie to go to Ryan’s room. She spends the night with Ryan. Anyone else surprised Ryan actually scored? And, what happened to him only having sex when he is in love?

Ryan isn’t the only one getting action tonight and for a change it’s NOT Preston. It’s actually Knight’s night for some lovin’. He and Jemmye finally seal the deal and give the cameras thumbs up afterward. Apparently those two pumps must’ve been good.

The next morning, Suze leaves the house and New Orleans without saying goodbye to McKenzie. McKenzie is really hurt that her friend would treat her like that. I think Suze and McKenzie are both in the wrong here. Suze should’ve talked to McKenzie about hooking up with Ryan first, at least that’s what a good friend would do.

Next week, the feud between Ryan and Preston heats up. Ryan puts his bare ass on Preston’s cigarettes and to get back at him Preston pees on Ryan’s tooth brush. Yes, really. It’s going to be good!