The Most Rewarding Games And Gaming Experiences To Try

Gaming is a very popular niche within entertainment at the moment, and it has undergone a renaissance in recent times. The whole gaming sector will be worth around $160bn in 2020, and it has grown rapidly in the last decade or two. Gaming is now more mainstream than ever, and this has helped it attract lots more players and fans into the industry. But why is that?

While gaming’s overall image is now more positive than before, technology has also played a big part. In general, the availability of powerful smartphones to game on and online gaming has combined to push the sector forward. That has caused a broad spectrum of people to get involved with traditional video games and online casino games.

Another crucial part of gaming’s popularity is the feeling of satisfaction that it gives to players. For example, many video games require players to solve challenging problems to advance, while online casino games bring a rewarding feeling to a player that wins. But which games and gaming experiences are the most rewarding to try out?

Online slots

When it comes to gaming experiences, playing online slots at internet casinos is hard to beat. Many players choose to use a prepaid card to fund their play while enjoying this type of game. Most of the top internet casinos allow you to use them, with the Chumba Casino prepaid card being a good choice.

For more information on what prepaid cards like this offer, the BonusSeeker website is a great place to start. But why are online slots so rewarding? Naturally, the buzz of winning real money gives you a feeling of great satisfaction. The cool themes, superb sound, and excellent graphics of modern slots make them very entertaining.

Call of Duty Warzone

When it comes to video games, the Activision backed ‘Call of Duty’ franchise is a monster. The latest full release, a triumphant return to the hugely popular Modern Warfare series, has been out for almost a year now. However, the game went from strength to strength earlier this year – with the addition of Warzone.

Warzone is a ‘battle royale’ game which sees you and up to three friends jumping into a massive map to battle it out with as many as 150 players to be the last squad standing. To do this, you’ll need a clear strategy, a fair amount of skill, and a little bit of luck, but it is hugely satisfying and rewarding to see your troops helicoptered out and your names up in lights once the game ends and you’ve sealed that win.

World of Warcraft

It is not always the latest or most recent titles that bring the best reward. World of Warcraft is a perfect example of this as it came out in 2004. An online multiplayer RPG, the fantasy theme never ages, and the gameplay itself is very rewarding. Players roam the vast game world in a bid to fight enemies and complete quests. It is completing the quests that keep players coming back for more.

The online multiplayer nature of the game also adds to its appeal – there is nothing like going on a raid in-game with other people and hearing the live-action unfold over your headset! It is also very satisfying to build your game score up over time and to unlock the 3,314 in-game achievements as you progress.

VR and AR gaming

Playing virtual reality games is a liberating experience and is very satisfying. It takes you right into the heart of what is going on and can almost make you feel that the world you are in is all too real! Whether you jump into the cockpit to fly an X-Wing in Star Wars Squadrons or fly an airplane in Microsoft’s MS Flight Simulator, this is a gaming experience that you will love.

Similarly, Augmented Reality games also deliver a richly rewarding gaming experience. There is nothing like completing the challenges that games like Pokémon Go offer in the real world to make you feel good. As Apple introduces the new iPhone 12 and other companies launch more powerful handsets, you can bet that mobile AR gaming will become more popular.

Gaming offers a rewarding way to be entertained

Gaming has a superb range of titles and overall experiences to keep players entertained. Finding ways to stay busy in your spare time is important, and gaming offers an easy and effective way to do that. Whether you try VR, AR, online slots, or specific games, you are sure to have a great time.