THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Set Visit: Interview With Joel de la Fuente and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

This month marks the return of Amazon’s THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, an adaptation of the famed Phillip K. Dick novel created by The X-Files Frank Spotnitz. During the filming of season two up in Vancouver, we had a chance to catch up with stars Joel de la Fuente and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa to discuss what can be expected upon arrival.

“What we’re shooting today,” began Fuente, “you definitely see these characters in a more sympathetic light. Instead of being victimizers, they’re victims. I’ll be curious to see how people think of them in this situation.” Adding, “I think it makes us all a little more complicated.”

Said Tagawa on what separates his character from Fuente’s Kido, leading to much of their conflict in the first season, “Kido is a pretty gung-ho kind of army guy and went through changes last season. I’d say Tagomi is unusual in the sense it’s not only about who won and who didn’t, the fact that he went through that reality, went through that door, it’s almost because, like I see the East coast side of the story, there’s the West coast side of the story. Then there’s Tagomi’s world.

Regarding Kido’s path of changing in his belief system last season into this season, Fuente stated, “I think when he starts he has a sense of what he thinks is an absolute sense of what’s right and wrong, an absolute sense of what honor is. I think we’re beginning to learn about him the same way you learn about your friends or each other the longer you know somebody. What you think of yourself and how you behave are sometimes two slightly different things.” Adding, “I think he proved in season one that even though you’re to do something a certain way, if he thinks the honorable way is to do something differently, he chooses the other way.”

As for whether or not Togami will ever find the peace he sought for in season one, Tagawa said, “His greatest scenario definitely would be about parity with the Nazis. Having a balance point where there would not be conflict. In terms of the Americans, in his mind, he has sympathy and understanding for the resistance. He doesn’t really have negative feelings toward America. He’s just trying to check the Germans and check the Japanese at the same time. He’s right in between. He’s a double agent, basically. Works with Wagner, the German, and yeah that’s why a lot of the character has his own world.”

As for what will be Kido’s big season two story driver, Fuente says, “there’s a murder of some Japanese officers and it pulls him a little bit closer to the idea of what the films are. And so he starts to become very preoccupied because they’ve always ignored what they are. I think he starts to think there might be something to this, and Juliana Crane is tied to it. He knows Juliana, so he starts to sort of follow that trail and then it leads him to some interesting, some interesting parts of the world he never would have really considered before.

Before concluding, Tagawa did tease a little about where we might find Tagomi at the end of the season. “The thing that I can say without spoiling anything is it’s all about service. Service to humanity. Which side of humanity, in Tagomi’s mind, needs the most help.” Said Fuente along similar lines, “Choices are made. There are consequences for those choices.”

To find out what further twists and turns await, be sure to tune in for the release of THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Season 2 on Friday, December 16th available exclusively on Amazon Prime.