The ‘Lost’ Symphony Set For Honolulu

Experience the epic musical score of the hit ABC television series “Lost” as award-winning American composer Michael Giacchino brings this original music to Honolulu for its symphony orchestra world premiere by the Honolulu Symphony Toyota Pops and conductor Tim Simonec on Saturday, September 22 at 7:30 p.m. at the Waikiki Shell. Emmy-nominated “Lost” star Terry O’Quinn will join the Pops on stage to narrate passages as the music brings every gripping and passion-filled moment to life. Filmed at beautiful locations throughout Hawaii, and predominantly Oahu’s North Shore, “Lost” is produced by ABC Studios and portrays the action-packed lives of the survivors of a plane crash on a Pacific island. “Lost” will return to the ABC schedule early next year.

Enthusiastic “Lost” fans are well acquainted with Mr. Giacchino’s breathtaking score and have been enjoying his captivating compositions for three seasons. The music of “Lost” captures not only the journeys, spectacular vistas and touching emotion, but also echoes the thrilling and dangerous saga of life on a mysterious island.

Mr. Giacchino’s melodies have enhanced entertainment of all genres, including television shows, animated shorts, video games, and stand-alone symphonies with themes that run the gamut from driving, melancholic and suspenseful, to serene. Mr. Giacchino’s latest musical achievement is his score for the newest Disney-Pixar film, “Ratatouille.” His film work includes the soundtracks to “Mission: Impossible III,” “The Incredibles” and “The Family Stone,” and his television work includes the series “Alias.” His acclaimed video game soundtracks include “Medal of Honor,” “Call of Duty” and “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.” Among Mr. Giacchino’s upcoming projects is “Star Trek.”

About Michael Giacchino

In early 1997, Michael Giacchino was approached by the newly formed DreamWorks Studios to score their flagship PlayStation video game, based on Steven Spielberg’s summer box office hit, “The Lost World.” “The Lost World” featured the first original live orchestral score written for a PlayStation console game and was recorded by members of the Seattle Symphony.

Since “The Lost World,” Mr. Giacchino has gone on to compose many orchestral scores for DreamWorks Interactive, including the highly successful “Medal of Honor” series, a World War II simulation game created by Steven Spielberg. It was his work on such games that led to his involvement in the ABC series “Alias,” created by writer/director JJ Abrams. The producers of the show contacted the composer because they were fans of the games he had worked on. “Alias,” in turn, became a gateway of sorts for his work with Pixar on “The Incredibles.”