THE FLASH Teasers: Fun Quotes from the Upcoming Episode “Out Of Time”

On the CW’s series THE FLASH, they love to mix every day events with big, epic battles and confrontations, as well as spice things up with a bit of comedy to add levity.

As a fun tease, we have collected a few fun quotes from the upcoming episode, entitled “Out Of Time.”  Let’s see if you can guess who says these fun little quotes:

QUOTE:  “I want so much more than an eye.”

QUOTE:  “You have shown me what it is like to have a son.”

QUOTE:  “I don’t know if you can run that fast.”

QUOTE:  “What do you see?”  “A dead body.” “It’s a morgue.  You’re going to have to be more specific.”

QUOTE:  “I heard you are looking for me, here I am.”

QUOTE:  “Fine, I will watch every episode of THE WALKING DEAD with you.”

QUOTE:  “He’s a sociopath and a liar, for sure.”

QUOTE:  “Save it.  I’m not leaving.”

QUOTE:  “He may not be the same person you remember.”

QUOTE:  “You’ll never know what it feels like to be a god.”

QUOTE:  “Do you think there is more to Harrison Wells than we have been led to believe?”

QUOTE:  “Something you learn about working here is what is not said is the real story.”

QUOTE:  “Let’s see if this will show what really went wrong that night.”

With those quotes rattling around your brain, have fun watching the THE FLASH episode “Out of Time” on Tuesday, March 17th at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.