THE FLASH Season 3 Premiere Teasers: “Flashpoint”

When THE FLASH returns for Season 3, the world will have changed a lot for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). In fact, a lot has changed. But it is as is should be now that Barry went back in time and saved his mom from Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher). And this time around Barry is determined to have it all: both his parents, the girl of his dreams, and to let someone else have a shot a playing the hero for a change. But what is that saying: be careful what you wish for. Getting exactly what you want comes at a price.

With the Season 3 premiere of THE FLASH just around the corner, it seemed like a fun time to share a few teasers about what fans can expect when the show returns for its exciting new season. So here are a few the quotes we have collected from “Flashpoint.” Let’s see if you can guess who says these great quotes:

QUOTE: “I’ve always been here.”

QUOTE: “Just another pretender who thought they could take me on.”

QUOTE: “Speed has always been my problem.”

QUOTE: “Barry said not to listen to anything you say.”

QUOTE: “Today, I get to be the hero.”

QUOTE: “See ya sometime soon, Flash.”

QUOTE: “This isn’t your home, Barry.”

QUOTE: “I will stop if you really want me to.”

QUOTE: “Tell me, what makes me so interesting to you.”

QUOTE: “I wasn’t sure you still worked here.”

QUOTE: “They are like stupid in love.”

QUOTE: “Who the hell are you?”

QUOTE: “Independent woman — I like it.”

QUOTE: “What is going on with you?”

QUOTE: “Now whose the villain, Flash?”

QUOTE: “Have I been kidnapped?”

QUOTE: “Am I wearing sign that says: help me?”

QUOTE: “That feeling that something is not right went away the moment I met you.”

QUOTE: “I’m The Flash — that’s all you need to know.”

QUOTE: “The you I know from the future is not this stupid.”

QUOTE: “You’re the one who is going to need help.”

QUOTE: “Be The Flash, Barry, because that is who you are. You’re The Flash.”

QUOTE: “This why I didn’t want to get involved — crime-fighting sucks.”

QUOTE: “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Promise.”

QUOTE: “Don’t worry about it — you’ll get him next time.”

QUOTE: “I guess you are my hero today.”

QUOTE: “I sometimes wonder which of us is right.”

QUOTE: “So what are you calling this brave new world that you whipped up for us?”

With those quotes rattling around your brain, have fun watching the Season 3 premiere of THE FLASH entitled “Flashpoint” on Tuesday, October 4th at 8:00 p.m. on the CW. A fun teaser of what to watch for: Iris (Candice Patton) brings all the feels and kicks ass in the process!