The Bachelorette Season Six Week 5 RECAP

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The Bachelorette’s around-the-world adventure began last week in New York City but things really get moving this week as Ali and the guys fly to Iceland. Ali goes on a group date where one of the bachelor’s make a surprise surge in popularity, an individual date where some secrets are spilled, and then a dramatic 2-on-1 date where Ali leaves one guy to fend for himself on a glacier.


The Bachelorette’s around-the-world adventure began last week in New York City but things really get moving this week as Ali and the guys fly to Iceland. Ali goes on a group date where one of the bachelor’s make a surprise surge in popularity, an individual date where some secrets are spilled, and then a dramatic 2-on-1 date where Ali leaves one guy to fend for himself on a glacier.

To compete for the sole one-on-one date this week the guys have one hour to come up with a romantic poem to win Ali over. As if that isn’t difficult enough, they have to perform it in front of Ali and the other guys and include some sort of Icelandic phrase in the poem. We begin with Craig who does pretty good making up some phrase that really isn’t even Icelandic, he manages to make Ali laugh. Kasey mumbles his way through, luckily ABC puts up captions so we can know what he’s saying. Ali doesn’t understand him either and looks puzzled. Surprisingly, Roberto’s poem is also a dud. The big winner on this challenge is Kirk who realizes the key to winning Ali over is adding a personal touch to the poem and actually walking up to her. Of course, it’s Kirk that wins the individual date. It’s his first one-on-one with Ali so it should be interesting!

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Kirk and Ali start their date by exploring Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. They find a clothing store where Kirk decides to be silly and try on the most ridiculous looking clothes he can find. Ali loves his sense of humor!  They end up buying a pair of matching sweaters and wearing them around town all day. Not sure if this is sweet or really weird?! Later, they go to lunch and Kirk starts to tell Ali about his past relationships but doesn’t get into much detail. All she knows so far is that he’s never been in a relationship for more than a year, which makes her wonder what the problem is. He tells her that he’ll tell her more at dinner. At this point Ali fears that Kirk is hiding something from her.

At dinner Kirk finally opens up to Ali and tells her what his deal is. It turns out he’s not hiding anything bad, instead it’s actually kind of sad, really sad. When he went to college he moved into a house that had been condemned, though he didn’t know it at the time. After he moved in he started getting really sick, he lost a lot of weight, lost the hair on his arms, and thought he was going to die for several weeks. He then found out the house had been condemned before he moved in because of asbestos and mold. You can tell this time of his life really taught him a lot about the important things in life. He tells Ali that he wants a relationship where he is always growing and they can admire one another and learn from each other. It may sound a little cheesy written here, but you can tell that he is sincere. After sharing that story with her, Ali can’t help but give Kirk a rose. He confesses to the camera that he’s “nervous, excited, haven’t felt this way before.”

Back at the guys’ hotel, the guys find out who is going on the group date and who is stuck with the 2-on-1 date. Typically the fewer guys on the date the better but no one seems to want this 2-on-1 date. Ultimately, it’s Justin and Kasey who will be doing the 2-on-1 date and it looks like it’s going to be an epic battle between the two. Later, we find Frank talking to Kasey in their room. Kasey is clearly letting Justin and the pressure of having to show Ali his tattoo get to him. He doesn’t know when or how he’s going to show it to her. He tells Frank he can take the physical pain but not the emotional pain of all of this. He seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. Get it together, Kasey! Seriously, it’s only a reality show, it’s not the end of the world.

The next day is the group date which includes Chris L., Ty, Roberto, Frank, and Craig. The date begins with the group riding horses, which Ty is very experienced with and gets to take the lead and help Ali. He and Ali seem to be having a moment. The horseback riding leads the group to a cave where they propel down. Chris L gets to be the first one down with Ali being second so he scores a few minutes of alone time with her at the bottom of the cave. Her hands are cold once she gets down there so he gives her his own. It’s not long before all of the guys are at the bottom of the cave with them and they begin exploring the cave.

As the group exits the cave the sun is just beginning to set, so they take a moment to take in the view. Frank still hasn’t made an effort the entire date to talk to Ali, unlike the other guys who have been pretty equally fighting for her attention. Ali even comments to the cameras that she was disappointed that Frank wasn’t making an effort.

The date ends at the Blue Lagoon, where they get to relax in what are supposedly healing pools. Ali is the first to strip out of her clothes and into a bikini. When she appears in her swimsuit you can see all of the guys’ mouths drop to the floor. The guys can’t wait to get their clothes off, in fact a few of them strip off their clothes so fast they show more than ABC had planned for.

Once in the water Ty is the first to steal Ali away from the guys for a moment of one-on-one time. The guys talk to each other and comment on Ty bringing his A-game to this date. He definitely has made it clear he’s in the running now. Chris L gets one-on-one time with Ali next and she asks about his dating past. He tells her that in the past he’s changed for the girls he’s with but this time he’s just being himself and hoping she falls for him. Frank finally grows a pair and gets one-on-one time with Ali. She tells him that he’s always non-existent on group dates and she doesn’t like that. He agrees with her and apologizes. We’ll see if she changes though. As the group date comes to an end, it’s time for the group date rose to be given out and, without a doubt, it goes to… Ty!

While the guys have been on the group date there has been plenty of drama back at the hotel between Justin and Kasey. Justin finally got his cast off! He still has a brace on his foot but he doesn’t need the crutches to walk anymore. YAY! He comes back after getting the cast off to overhear Kasey talking smack about him to Kirk. Justin puts Kasey in his place and tells him that he’s not going anywhere.

The dramatic 2-on-1 date finally takes place the next day. Justin, Kasey, and Ali take a helicopter ride to see the erupting Eyjafjallajoekull volcano. Yes, I did have to Google the name. They get to take several circles around the eruption before landing very close to it and getting to stand outside the helicopter and watch the lava spew. The next stop on the date is an ice cave where Justin and Ali sit and talk on an ice couch. Ali expresses her doubts and fears about the whole experience and he reassures her. Ali then goes and talks to Kasey where he finally reveals his hideous tattoo. Her first reaction is “What!” which then turns into that she doesn’t want him to change who he is at all and thanks him for just being him and she appreciates that. I mean, what do you say to someone that just got a tattoo for you and you hardly know them? Awkward.

Ali, Justin and Kasey start walking back to the helicopter. Only one of the guys will be getting on to go back with Ali and it’s… Justin. She makes it quick by giving the rose to Justin and asking him to go wait on the helicopter while she talks to Kasey. She tells Kasey that she doesn’t want to hold him back, it just wasn’t there for them though. Kasey says he’s fine but you can tell he’s not. Ali boards the helicopter and she and Justin fly off into the distance, while Kasey is there on the glacier all alone. Hopefully someone picked him up eventually…

With the dates over it’s time for the rose ceremony. Ali is still feeling bad about sending Kasey home but knows she made the right decision for herself and for him. Frank tries to make up for being a douche on the group date by pulling Ali aside and apologizing again. He tells her that he wants her, he always misses her, and gives her this look that is sort of creepy yet flirty. Craig inks a temporary tattoo on his arm to make fun of Kasey. Too bad Kasey’s was real and forever, bet he’s regretting that now. Ali can’t help but laugh at it. Then, we have Chris N., who has sort of flown under the radar upto this point but now he’s one-on-one with Ali and he freezes. He can hardly get two words out of his mouth and he and Ali’s body language is all wrong. Next is the other Chris (L.), who is definitely in the running for Ali. She asks him if he thinks he’ll always live in Cape Cod. He tells her that he’d collect garbage in San Francisco if it meant being with her. Roberto is the last to steal Ali aside before the ceremony, they hug and kiss and she admits to him that she never would have approached him outside of the show because she thinks he’s “too hot” for her, he blushes.

Ali sits down with Chris Harrison to talk Kasey. She tells him that she thinks Kasey just fell in love with the idea of her. He just wanted to fall in love so bad. Chris asks her if she’s holding back at all. She admits she may be, she’s being cautious, she doesn’t want to get her heart broken either. She says she terrified that she will fall in love and then not be loved back. But, she’s ready to stop letting fear control her life.

It’s time to hand out the roses. Kirk, Ty, and Justin already have roses from earlier dates, next Ali hands out roses to: Frank, Chris L., Roberto, and Craig… which means it is Chris N. going home this week.

Next week we move on to Istanbul, Turkey where it looks like the most dramatic episode will take place. Ali finds out one of the guys has a girlfriend back home and confronts him about it. Rumor is that it’s Justin and he doesn’t have just one but two girlfriends back home. And, I have an exclusive news bit about Justin, he was recently flirting with none other than MTV reality star Snooki. Gross, right?!

Don’t miss the drama next week, check back to for a full recap of all the action!