Back In The Swing Of New Fall TV

Bones Cast Photo
After a few weeks off to get back in the swing of new Fall TV, I’m back with my favorites from the week!

1.  Bones, “The Finger in the Nest” – I’m so glad this show is back.  I think that the Booth and Bones chemistry is brilliant and the fact that she’s starting to lean on him for more than just work related matters really makes me smile.  I’m also glad that they decided to address the issue of Hodgins hating everyone because of his breakup with Angela, Zack being Gormogon’s apprentice, and just being a sourpuss in general.  This season, I haven’t been a huge fan of the weekly students joining the crew, but I thought Michael Badalucco as Scott Starrett was pretty awesome. I also liked how the whole mystery worked itself out .  Sweets might also be my favorite new addition!
    Favorite Line – Parker to Sweets – “Are you my babysitter?”

2.  Supernatural, “Lazarus Rising” – Supernatural’s season premiere was fantastic.  Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki knocked this one out of the park.  The story of how Dean got out of Hell and what happened to Sam over the summer set up so much about what can happen this season.  A battle between Angels and Demons – it’s going to be awesome!  And the reveal that Ruby’s hanging out with Sam to help him with the telepathy?  There are so many bad things that could happen because of that!
    Favorite Line – Dean to Sam – “I told you to take care of her, not douche her up!”

3.  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis”
– This was without doubt one of the funniest episodes of this show.  It started with the Brains, Looks, Wildcard conversation and ended with a bang, literally, as their “rape van” crashed in some poor guy’s car.  I don’t even know what my favorite moment was, but Charlie dressed as a Texas oil man was brilliant.  His accent was totally awesome, too.  I also think the “guys get naked and competitive in the bank” was also ridiculously funny.
    Favorite Line – Mac to the boys – “Looks.  Brains.  Wildcard”

4.  Privileged, “All About Honesty” – JoAnna Garcia is one of my favorite small screen stars.  And Privileged is one of my new favorites shows so far this fall season.  The twins are adorably snarky and I already love to hate them.  JoAnna’s Megan already has two boys fawning for her, and it looks like next week she’ll have a third.  I would love to live the life she’s living! 
    Favorite Line – Megan to Laurel “I like to be on top….of things”

5.  House, “Dying Changes Everything” – I think that this episode took House to a whole other level.  It became more than just a brilliant formulaic medical drama and solidified itself as a character study.  We learned so much about House himself, and Wilson, and even Olivia Wilde’s Hadley.  My only concern is that they still don’t know how to use Chase and Cameron correctly, and I really hope that they figure it out soon!
    Favorite Line – Wilson to House “We’re not friends anymore House.  I’m not sure we ever were.”