TakeFiveGal Best Of Last Week

Can You Believe That There Are Only 2 Weeks Left In 2007

Hello all.  The new shows are getting fewer and fewer, aren’t they?

Dexter, “Left Turn Ahead” – Another mind blowing episode of one of the greatest dramas ever made.  Michael C. Hall definitely proved he deserved that Golden Globe nomination, didn’t he?  Doakes kind of convinced Dexter to turn himself in, but Deb inadvertently convinced Dexter that he couldn’t do that.  And then there was the whole Lila pressing charges against Angel crap.  It was just another blow-me-away type of episode that this show does better than most!
Favorite line?  I like the bits of comedy in this show – Deb to Dexter about his living will: “So, what am I getting? I could use a new TV!”

Pushing Daisies, “Corpsicle” – Holy cliffhanger folks!  Did not see that maternity shocker coming!  I love the Ned and Chuck are at odds storyline. Usually, I’m so all about how swoony they are to each other, but when they are fighting or Chuck hates Ned or whatever, it gives added weight to just how much they do mean to each other, and I love them even more.  I like that Chuck almost told her secret to Oscar, but then realized she had to keep it between her and Ned (and Emerson….).  The kid actor playing the heart patient was so well-cast.  Nice job.  And I loved Digby’s shaved bum ha!
Favorite line?  Abner to the wish a wish lady about Bobo the Bonobo, “Actually I was wishing for a butter knife so I could pop out its heart and use it as my own”

30 Rock, “Episode 209”
– Liz’s family was awesome.  I loved how supportive they were until Jack and his mother got involved.  Kenneth and the reverend teaching the meaning of Christmas was another shining moment.  Also, Tracy’s realization about sober-Christmas was fabulous.  I love how they included Tracy Morgan’s real life ankle bracelet into the story.  Only on 30 Rock could they do that and do it well.
Favorite line?  There were a lot of laugh out loud moments, but I personally loved when Jack had made himself an honorary member of the Lemon gang, and he said to Liz “The Disney cruise in March, are you in or out?” Ha!

Moonlight, “Sleeping Beauty” – If only for the fact that they gave Jason Dohring something to do besides be Mick’s witty sidekick.  And we finally understood why Josef doesn’t want Mick dating humans, because of how much a human-vampire love had cost Josef.  Dammit if Jason Dohring didn’t look amazing with his 1950s hair style!  Also, I like the furthering of the Mick/Beth love affair, with her taking off for NYC with him, instead of working things out with Josh right away.  Also, the Coraline is officially a vampire again storyline is great and I can’t wait to see how that goes!  I’d imagine not well.
Favorite line?  Josef to Mick about Mick’s relationship “You going to try to make it work with Beth?”  Um, probably….and I’m sure that won’t have happy endings to it right away…

Journeyman, “Home by Another Way” – I like the family aspect, bringing in Jack and Dan’s mom in the present, to counteract the fact that Dan was hanging out with his father in the past.  And that Dan managed to change the future, even a small amount, by telling his dad in the past to explain to him and Jack why he was leaving.  When he had Jack retell it, and he heard that he had succeeded, that was a great moment.  This show does not get enough credit – it gets better and better with each episode.  I love how he saved the paper, and I love that Livia has love in her present.  I’m a little worried about Jack’s new girlfriend’s pregnancy.  I love Lisa Sheridan from that other didn’t-get-enough-credit show Invasion, but I’m not sure a pregnancy was needed already.
Favorite line?  Livia’s “Yes” to her past-but-present boyfriend.  I’m all about the love affairs on this show, and it’s nice to see that Livia has a life too!