TakeFiveGal Best Of Last Week

NBC's 'Life' Makes This Weeks Top Five List

Hello all.  It’s a short work week.  That’s something to celebrate!!  While you’re thinking about a few days off, here is what I loved watching last week –

Friday Night Lights, “Pantherama” – The Panthers. In their skivvies.  Dancing.  That’s really enough to make me smile (not to mention how great it is to see Lyla and Tyra working together.)  I thought that Matt Saracen’s private dance lessons with the older live-in nurse were a bit suspect, followed by their little smooch-a-roo…I’ve heard where that’s going, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  On the other side of my favorite relationship that has since broken up, Julie is getting way too close to Noah, the super cute advisor for the paper.  Tami Taylor is very wise to this…I’m interested to see how that plays out.  I’m in the “sick of Smash Williams” camp, so Smash focused storylines aren’t great for me, but I love his mama, so I’m glad she’s getting some good screen time.  I missed Jason and wish Tim would get to spend more time with Mindy.  They’re awesome ha.
Favorite line?  Tami to Buddy when inspecting the fridge for Juvi-ago to live there – “You've got a lot of steak and you've got a lot of sausage; get some vegetables in here.” Always thinking like a mom, that Tami Taylor!

Bones, “The Boy in the Time Capsule” – I love the Booth and Bones relationship.  I love Sweets.  I love Angela and Hodgins.  I think there is nothing I dislike about this show, even Cam, who I was completely against when she was made a series regular!  I think this episode easily became my favorite because of the end scene where Booth handed Bones a Smurf figuring, explaining why receiving Brainiac Smurf (over Smurfette) is not an insult.  I love them.  And their leaning across the table so they can talk close.  Also – it was nice to see Patrick Fabian (Jeremiah Laskey from Saved By The Bell: The College Years) playing someone who wasn’t a murderer for the first time in a few years!
Favorite line?  Booth to Bones regarding his Smurf gift:  “Smurfette was the stupid shallow Smurf that only had her looks. You're better than Smurfette. You have your looks and a whole lot more.”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “The Gang Dances Their Asses Off” – I love this merry band of swindlers.  When Charlie’s inability to read got them into yet another bad situation, they tried to make the most of it.  I love how he continued to believe it was a dance competition and not a dance marathon.  He’s so moronic; I love him.  I’m glad Cricket and the Waitress showed up to cause some trouble.  And I’m glad Dee outlasted everyone, until Cricket showed up and got her in the knees.  At least they get to keep the bar, because of the helpful homeless man.
Favorite line?  When Dennis is asked the name of his dance, he called it “The Rococo Bang”.  Just awesome.

Pushing Daisies, “Bitches” – I love when Olive is woven into the story, so it was fabulous to see her as the de facto fourth member of the investigation team.  Each of them taking on their own wife of the dead guy.  I think this might have been one of my favorite episodes of the show.  Joel McHale was great in his few minutes on screen as the dead dog owner.  His four wives were great, and we were treated to a lot of Emerson time, which is awesome, because he rocks!  Also – did you love how the end chase and capture was filmed in “Stars Hollow” – did you recognize the gazebo???
Favorite line?  Emerson’s brilliant take on love – “Someone in love is like a gangsta. They be like, 'Oh baby, you bleeding. How did that happen?' while they're hiding the razor in their weave.” Haha!

Life, “Farthingale” – Charlie Crews has grown on me.  His quirks, and his zen-like nature are really charming me, and I think it’s working on his partner, too.  Their working together at the two homes of Rudolph Farthingale was pretty awesome, and the connection between bottles of wine and baseball caps was something I never would have figured out.  I wonder why the department is basically setting it up to look like Charlie pulled the trigger on Ames.  And then we got the big reveal that Dani’s father had been captured in pictures chatting with Ames shortly before his gruesome murder.  
Favorite line?  Charlie explaining what they were looking for at the IRS tax place – “He was looking for someone who was not not obeying the law” and the awesome “will he keep saying that?” from the woman helping them and then Dani’s little head nod that said “oh yeah”.  I hope NBC gives this show a chance to grow.