SUPERNATURAL Season 12 Set Visit: Interviews With Alicia Witt, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (Part 2)

In the CW’s drama SUPERNATURAL, the Winchester brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are caught up in a never-ending battle to save humans and supernatural beings from the darker forces seeking to destroy and torment them.  Currently in its twelfth season, the show tackles another round with Lucifer (this time in the form of iconic rockstar Rick Springfield) and a foreign organization that thinks it should be the only ones tracking and fighting demons. Fortunately, the Winchester brothers are not alone in their battles — Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) has returned from the grave and trusty allies Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) are never too far off to lend a helping hand in a pinch.

As a treat, Alicia Witt guest stars as an old acquaintance of Castiel’s in this week’s episode of SUPERNATURAL.  In press interviews from the set, Alicia Witt along with stars Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki talk about the unique reunion of sorts:

Alicia Witt also previewed what her next project is in a recent interview from the Television Critics Association Winter Tour 2017:

What’s your new project called?
ALICIA: It doesn’t have a name quite yet. It’s an idea that I wrote over the Christmas holiday this year. We are announcing it tonight that the Hallmark party — I am developing the story of my next Christmas movie which will be for the 2017 season and I will be writing a new Christmas song especially for it, which my character will also sing it in the movie.  It takes place in a record store, which my character has taken over for her family. It’s been in the family forever, but it has been bought by a big developer. Given the state of the music business, in so far as actual record stores and the same as with book stores, it’s been hard to keep afloat, so it’s going out of business. It’s also a venue where many artists have made their mark — young artists in the 60s, when they were just getting started, came through and played their for the very first time. It’s one of those special places that there is fewer and fewer of, just because of the way things are going. And, of course, there is a romance.

Is there’s the hope of a Christmas miracle?
ALICIA:  Oh, yes. There is a Christmas miracle.  There’s music and it’s about how the real meaning of Christmas is people coming together, a history of families, friends, neighbors — and my character has never really understood what Christmas means. She’s not a real Christmasy-kind of a person, but for the first time she finds herself really understand it. That’s what I think it’s going to be anyway. That’s my idea.

Are you writing the script for it?
ALICIA:  I wrote the outline, like very detailed with all the characters. I do write scripts and I have a number of other scripts that I’ve written and I’m developing for features, kind of a pilot and that sort of thing, but for Hallmark, because they have so many great writers that have written so many of these, we decided it would be better and more expedient to have one of their great writers, probably one whose written another of my other Christmas movies, come on board and write the actual script. I would consult and help develop it.

That’s must be exciting for you!
ALICIA: Super, super exciting. I am so glad that this is a part of my creativity I’ve wanted to facilitate for a longtime. I love Hallmark and it so fitting in so many ways that my first creative project in this way is with Hallmark because they feel like family to me. I do have a sort of template in mind for a few of the characters, but I think we’ll see how it goes. It’s so exciting though to be in it from this early stage because a lot of times these scripts are fully fleshed out by the time I see them. To be part of it from this early on, I’m all ready thinking of who my character is, what makes her tick and what her personality is like. It’s awesome. The script doesn’t even exist yet.

You should consider as one of your male co-stars: Lucas Bryant. He’s was in a few Hallmark movies this last year.
He also starred in the Syfy show HAVEN for a number of years, but lately he’s been doing Hallmark stuff. He just really pops onscreen and I think you guys would have good chemistry.
ALICIA:  Was he in Rachael’s movie?

Lucas was in the one she did where she was the intern for the summer.  It is called “Summer Love.”
ALICIA:  She and I are friends and she’s mentioned him, she loves him.

Lucas’ got a real funny persona that translates in a charming way. You might want to check it out, I think you guys would be cute onscreen together.
ALICIA: I am totally going to look him up.

How excited are you for people to see you on SUPERNATURAL?
ALICIA:  Extremely excited! I just saw a lot of it in ADR and it turned out great. I don’t love watching myself. I just find it very awkward, I’d rather watch other people on screen. I have to say they did such a kick-ass job of editing, putting together the fight sequences and the emotions of it.

How would you describe those scenes with Misha Collins’ character, Castiel?
ALICIA:  What do we already know at this point? Because of what they’ve released, we know that my character has been around for a longtime. She’s lived a lot and she’s learned how to harness magic, energy and power. I think what I can say is that whatever viewers think they might be going to see, they’re probably going to be surprised. It’s pretty awesome.

To find out what is next for the Winchesters, Castiel and Crowley as a larger threat stalks them through this season and just what part Alicia’s mysterious character has to play, tune in for all new episodes of SUPERNATURAL on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on the CW. (Note:  SUPERNATURAL moves to the 8:00 p.m. timeslot starting January 26, 2017 on Thursday nights.)