Screener Girl Weighs In On NBC’s quarterlife

Quarterlife Cast Photo Is NBC's New Series quarterlife Worth A Look?

Quarterlife Cast Photo

Remember thirtysomething and how fresh and great it was?  What about My So-Called Life and all the Angela Chase angst that creators Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick pumped into an hour?  Their latest venture into the ground breaking arena is with NBC’s newest drama, quarterlife.  What started as a series of online webisodes, each running 8-11 minutes, packed with various issues that the average (or slightly above average on the looks side of things) 20-somethings going through on a day to day basis, has been turned into 6 hour long episodes, starting tonight on NBC. 

The narrator of the show is Dylan (played by Bitsie Tulloch), an associate editor at a magazine that in many ways is too good for her sloppy life.  She has boss issues and friend issues and unrequited love issues.  She video-blogs about her life and her friends, never stopping to think about the consequences of her actions.  She’s surrounded by a small group of supportive friends – Jed (Scott M. Foster from Greek – don’t worry, he’s still playing Cappie on that show!) and Danny (David Walton) are aspiring film makers; Lisa (Maite Schwartz) is a binge drinker with low self esteem (even though she’s totally gorgeous and doesn’t seem to realize it); Debra (Michelle Lombardo) is a beautiful “geek” (with the glasses…) who has mental and emotional issues, along with some serious boy drama between her boyfriend Danny and her best friend Jed.  Their little family grows as the series goes with the addition of basement dwelling Andy (Kevin Christy), couch-dwelling Eric (my favorite, played by Mike Faiola), adorable singer John (O.T. Fagbenle) and problem causing Vanessa (Majanda Delfino!).

Does the show break ground with new and different storylines?  No, not necessarily, but it’s an easy way to sit through an hour of TV.  Whether you’re in your 20s, remembering them fondly, or looking forward to them, you can relate to these characters in some way.  Oh and for those of you missing your Brian Krakow fix (from MS-CL), his portrayer Devon Gummersall wrote a few episodes, so that should be enticement enough to tune in!