Screener Girl Checks Out Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union


Two episodes into Showtime’s new original series Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union, and she’s officially moved to the top of my favorite comedy actress list.  Because she’s officially become a citizen of the US, she wanted to give a little insight into the lives of people in the country.  Every single episode of the show takes viewers through a “normal” day in the US of A.  Tracey plays every main character with humor, and an insane ability to mimic and emulate regular and famous people.  She is at times offensive and not at all politically correct, but it’s absolutely hilarious and I’ll be tuning into every singe episode.

Let’s go over my top five favorite characters she plays!

1.    Renee Zellweger.  Zellweger is my least favorite actress in the world, on the list lower than even Beverley Mitchell from 7th Heaven.  I don’t have a reason, I just don’t like her.  Tracey has her down pat.  The voice, the squinty eyes, the over done sincerity.  It’s priceless.

2.    Padma Perkesh.  She is a pharmacist who dispenses advice via Bollywood-style sing-alongs.  Her performances so far have been about helping a man who is holding up the pharmacist to determine which drugs he should steal and helping an old man understand the terrible side effects of Viagra.  

3.    David Beckham.  She plays him with such awesome cockiness and over done sense of “I’m the hottest guy on the planet.”  I believe that Beckham is probably a super nice guy, because I personally love Posh and Becks, so it’s kind of awesome to see Tracey take him to the “stupid Brit comes over to LA and worries only about his hair and his acting career” extreme.

4.    Chanel Monticelo.  This woman is an airport security agent who helps people without insurance use the xray machine to diagnose themselves with tumors and eptopic pregnancies.  Hilarious.

5.    Irma Billings.  She’s a woman who is confident in her own life.  She doesn’t go to church because God can hear her from her own back yard.  She has restless leg syndrome, and she is glad she has it because she knows it mean she can get places faster.