Screener Girl Checks Out Sunday Premiere Night On FOX

Family Guy Photo


FOX’s animated Sunday shows return with four very funny episodes.

Up first, The Simpsons’ latest season premieres starts off on St. Patrick’s Day.  Homer gets into a little trouble and ends up owing some serious money to the courts.  When he goes to get bail money, he inadvertently ends up a bounty hunter.  With his partner in crime, Ned Flanders, in tow, they become quite successful.  The other Simpson, Marge, becomes a baker at a very unorthodox location bakery that her sisters frequent.  Important things we find out – Smithers is having a commitment ceremony and Ned Flanders does have the old testament memorized.

Following that, Bill gets diagnosed with Diabetes on King of the Hill and, of course, takes it to the extreme.  When his horrible doctor mentions, in an attempt to scare him straight, that Bill will be in a wheelchair, that’s exactly where he ends up.  The other guys in the foursome help Bill redo his house for wheelchair bound patients, and Bill makes friends with a chair-rugby player.  Of the four shows, this is the one that had me laughing most; Peggy’s insistence that Bobby eat healthy is great!

At 9, Family Guy was back with an episode focused on Brian’s love life. After a costume party fix up goes wrong, Brian and Stewie meet the perfect atheist woman at a book store.  When he worries that he’s taking it too fast, Stewie steps in to help.  When Brian settles down too much, Cleveland swoops in to steal Brian’s woman.  The dog and the boy bring Loretta back to Cleveland, but Peter and Lois enlist Quagmire to come screw that up again.  Long story short, Brian and Cleveland are left right where they started: single, but Cleveland has a little gift from the perfect atheist.   

The raunchiest of the four shows, American Dad, focuses on Steve Smith’s impending puberty and how his parents aren’t ready to face that.  The explanation of why they are afraid (Hayley’s puberty from a few years back) is brilliant.  Through a series of ridiculous events, including Francine making him younger, and Stan making him older, Steve eventually realizes that being 14 is bad and good all rolled into one.  Also, the Smiths miss Roger’s birthday, and only Klaus is there to have a very special Sweet 1600 birthday celebration!