Screener Girl Checks Out Sunday Premiere Night On ABC


New TV on ABC Sunday night is four hours of solid entertainment. 

Starting at 7 with a special two hour episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty and the team work with the Jackson family: a woman raising her own four kids and her deceased sister’s 10 children all by herself.  The family was living in three different hotel rooms and there was just no one willing to take a chance on the getting a deed to the house.  With the help of a really nice guy in the town, they were given a terribly rundown house, and the EM team rips it down and builds them a ridiculously amazing house complete with a very open great room.  On more than 4 occasions, I found myself tearing up and totally in love with the two hours I was watching.

Following that is the season premiere of Desperate Housewives, set 5 years in the future.  It’s a good episode of the show, but I wouldn’t say that the 5 year difference really affected the characters.  Lynette is still a nosy mother and Tom is still walked all over.  Gaby is still a snob who isn’t happy with her life because she’s lost her looks and her social standing.  Susan is still annoyingly whiny, trying to hide her new relationship with the Painter.  Edie is still Edie, and Bree is still as anal retentive as possible.  She is now almost too business minded, and is ruining her relationship with Katherine.  I loved the addition of Neal McDonough to the cast, and can’t wait to see where that goes.

The final hour of ABC Sunday is the return of Brothers and Sisters.  Every Walker sibling gets a good amount of story coverage in the first episode, and even Julia is around!   Kitty and Robert are trying to adopt; Tommy and Holly are running the Ojai company without regard to family.  Sarah is being a pain, and Kevin and Scotty are happy.  Justin and Rebecca are making out left and right, and the reveal of them dating involves some blackmail.  Nora is trying to hold the whole gang together and everyone knows about the newest Walker sibling Ryan.  I think that the acting on this show is fantastic and they probably make a slightly mediocre story or mediocre writing into something a lot more interesting.  They’ve definitely set us up for an interesting year of the show.

Overall a very entertaining night of TV – definitely worth checking out.