Screener Girl Checks Out Fringe

Fringe PhotoTune In To See One Of This Season’s Best New Shows, By A Long Shot

Fringe Photo

If I were to list the things about a great TV show, FOX’s Fringe has them all.  A creator we all know and love (JJ Abrams), a crazy good mystery (both overarching and in the “of the week” variety), brilliant writing, a woman on the verge of a breakout (Anna Torv), a cow, and the mightiest of all ducks (Josh Jackson back on TV, baby)!

The premiere of Fringe plays out like an intricate 2 hour movie.  When a plane lands at Logan Airport in Boston, and all passengers are dead, Special Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) is called to the scene.  I can’t give too much away about the investigation that follows, because it’s just that good, but long story short, her partner John Scott (Mark Valley) is terribly injured and Olivia goes in search of someone to save the day.  Enter Walter Bishop (John Noble – he is amazing in this role), a crazy man who has been institutionalized for almost 20 years.  The only way to get him out is by involving his wily, wisecracking son Peter, played by Josh Jackson.  The two men have been at odds for a very long time and their relationship is quite interesting as it grows over the two hours.  What happens next is a crazy thrill ride that will honestly have you confused and engaged in the best possible way.

Like I said, there is so much to love about this show.  JJ Abrams and his team of Orci and kurtzmann have put together an almost perfect block of TV.  I don’t know how they do it, but they’ve gotten themselves another beautiful woman with attitude, spunk, sass, brains, and the ability to convey happiness and sadness all in one crazy package.  Anna Torv is mesmerizing and I think she’s going to blow up, Jennifer Garner or Keri Russell style.  John Noble is great as the sane crazy man, and Josh Jackson, well what can I say about Josh Jackson that hasn’t already been said?  Whether he likes it or not, his Peter is another version of the Pacey Witter we all know and love – he has a little bit more baggage now, and he is all grown up, but he’s there, cracking jokes, adding levity, and being the general source of comedy when it’s needed in all the crazy scientific drama.  The supporting cast is brilliant, and I can’t wait to see more of Lance Reddick as the season goes on.

If there was one complaint, because there has to be one, it would just be that I’m worried this show will make it difficult for new viewers to jump right in if they miss the pilot.   There is potential for this to be a very XFiles like “Mystery of the Week” serialized show, but I think it seems more like a Lost or Alias where you could possibly miss something.  So there, you have no excuse.  Tune in to see one of this season’s best new shows, by a long shot.

The Series Premiere Of Fringe Airs Tonight On FOX At 8:00PM EST