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Saving Grace

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Saving Grace season 3 starts tonight on TNT and it remains my favorite of the original series that they currently air.  Holly Hunter’s Grace is literally one of the most troubled and insane characters on TV and while some may say she plays it a little over the top, I love every minute of it!

Following the emotional season 2 finale that found Grace’s kindred spirit Leon Cooley finally getting put to death after last minute stays execution by Grace’s brother and Rhetta were denied, Grace and co are back and struggling to deal with everything that’s been going on.  In the finale, Grace found another woman who seemed to appear out of nowhere, and the woman in question starts haunting her thoughts.  We’re quickly told just who she is, why Grace was called to see her, and what exactly is going on.  

Earl gets a little competition this year, too, when a fallen angel with way too many souls lost on his time, shows up and tries to woo Grace and her friends away from the big old lug of an angel that we all love.  Grace and Ham are as back together and off and on as they had been, and just as dysfunctional as they had always been, but I believe in their relationship so much!  If there’s one show you tune in to on Tuesday night, it should be this!  Even if you haven’t seen seasons 1 and 2, you can get caught up in no time!  

The Saving Grace Season 3 Premiere Airs Tuesday, June 16th On TNT 10PM EST

Photo : TNT