Random Fringe Thoughts

Now that the Yankees have dispatched the Phillies FOX can get back to regular TV programming. I thought it might be fun to share what’s been bouncing around my brain after watching the first five episodes of season 2 of Fringe.

The second season of Fringe kicks back in gear tonight at 9pm est.

Note : These ideas will include spoilers so for those not caught up on season 2 you’ve been warned. Also, since it can get REALLY confusing I’m going to use “this world” for our world and “that world” for the parallel universe.  What follows is just a free form random order of ideas and questions that have crossed my mind as I’ve watched season 2.

1 : Charlie is dead but not gone. I was surprised Olivia didn’t figure out that Charlie was a shape shifter, but she did fly through a windshield so I will give her the benefit of the doubt. To me the Charlie in this world is dead, but the Charlie in that world is alive and kicking – scar and all. I’d wager he will be just as much an ally to Olivia in the that world and is far from “dead” on the series. Will be fun to see if that world Charlie can travel to this world or if Olivia will spend more time in William Bell land.

2 : Broyles and Nina kiss. I suspected they had a romantic past, but couldn’t help thinking that flame is far from out.  Such a dynamic 😉 couple the two make, huh. Those two know a lot more than they are telling us at this point and it will be fun to watch them rekindle their romance.

3 : If William Bell from this world is in that world – where is the William Bell from that world? What happened to him? We’ve been led to believe that Peter in this world is the Peter from that world, but what about Walter? How was he able to go to that world and snatch up baby Peter from that world Walter and wife. Perhaps like Peter Olivia is really from that world ( that’s my current guess). Mind also wonders why Walter didn’t “replace” his wife the same way he replaced Peter – assuming she is dead in this world.

4 : Those with abilities can shift between worlds. William Bell seems to have the gift of teleportation. What about Walter? What about Peter?  They are both super intelligent, but what abilities do they have? Olivia seems to be full of potential abilities ( teleportation, super charged hearing, mind control and possibly the ability to see into ( via flashbacks or forwards) that world from this world.

5 : A full season and 5 episodes in I still have one crazy theory I can’t shake. I have always thought one day we would find out that Peter is actually Walter as a kid. Maybe we still could find that out? :)  Would make perfect sense. Although it does open a bigger can of worms of the parallel universes not being in sync year wise. I blame this idea on watching too much Lost 🙂 And as long as I am going down that road of the universes being able to be out of sync year wise…. how bout Olivia as Peters Mom. How’s that for a mind bender?

6 : Why do the shape shifters from that world want to destroy this world? Simple question, but eager to know when we will find out the why in it all. Perhaps it’s as easy as a game of survival of the fittest world? One can easily argue that big picture someone or something is pushing for the best version of each person to survive.

7 : I’m hoping Olivia will go back to the Bowling Alley ( and soon ) and ask more questions. I’d have a TON of them for the yoda’esque bowling alley dude if I were Olivia.

8 : Why does William Bell choose to stay in that world?  Simply to keep tabs on that side? Can he not come back? Does his needing Oxygen play a role in his ability to universe shift? How sick is he?

9 : Have good and evil been defined? It seems too simplistic to say this world is good and that world is evil.

10 : The Observer. Why is he keeping tabs on this world? Is he from this world or that world? Is he merely a referee or sorts? His actions seem to facilitate both positive and negative consequences. Does he have a side in this?