Production Kicks Off On Telemundo’s TIERRA DE REYES


Telemundo announced the production kick off of its new original Novela, “Tierra de Reyes,” starring Aarón Díaz, Ana Lorena Sánchez, Gonzalo García Vivanco, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Christian de la Campa and Scarlet Gruber, with Fabián Ríos and Sonya Smith as “Cayetana”. With a screenplay adapted for television by Rossana Negrin (“Alguien Te Mira,” “La Patrona”) and based on an original script by Julio Jiménez (“El Cuerpo del Deseo,” “Pasión de Gavilanes”), “Tierra de Reyes” tells the story of three brothers who seek revenge on the family they hold responsible for the mysterious and tragic death of their younger sister.

Aarón Díaz, Gonzalo García Vivanco and Christian de la Campa bring to life the characters of Arturo, Flavio and Samuel Reyes, three brothers whose search for the truth involves conquering the beautiful daughters of wealthy hacienda owner Ignacio Del Junco, the man they suspect of causing their sister’s death. As fate would have it, they become victims of their own trap, falling in love with their newly found enemies: Sofía (Ana Lorena Sánchez), Irina (Kimberly Dos Ramos) and Andrea (Scarlet Gruber).

After the brothers’ plot is discovered, war breaks out between the two families, led by Sofía’s husband, Leonardo Montalvo (Fabián Ríos), and his mother-in-law, Cayetana (Sonya Smith). The two join forces with Isadora Montenegro (Cynthia Olavarría), a dangerous woman who runs a drug trafficking ring along with her father. Together, they will do everything possible to crush the Reyes brothers, but the question is whether love can triumph over hatred and destruction.

Filmed in Miami and Houston, “Tierra de Reyes” is Telemundo Studios’ newest production, directed by Luis Manzo and Ricardo Schwarz and with Carmen Urbaneja as executive producer.

Viewers can follow “Tierra de Reyes” at and @TierraDeReyes on Twitter.