NURSE JACKIE Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 501 – “Happy Fucking Birthday”

Written By: Clyde Phillips

Directed By: Randall Einhorn

An overturned bus makes for a crazy day at All Saints.  Two new doctors join the staff: Dr. Carrie Roman, a resident who fucked her way to the middle, and Dr. Ike Prentiss, a badass Army doc. Dr. Eleanor O’Hara just wants to spend every minute with her new son.  Coop is wary of Prentiss but starts crushing on Carrie. And in the middle of the chaos, Akalitus gives Eddie back his old job.  After witnessing yet another tense morning between the Peytons, Zoey announces that it’s time for her to move out of Jackie’s house and O’Hara tells Jackie it’s her last day at All Saints and she’s moving to London to be with her baby and her family. And all this, the day before Jackie’s birthday.  And the end of a long day, Jackie puts one pill into a small jewelry box next to her wedding ring in her night stand.  It’s a new year.

Episode 502 – “Luck of the Drawing”

Written By: Tom Straw

Directed By: John Cameron Mitchell

Jackie and Kevin are at a stalemate in their divorce mediation.  Unless Jackie can figure out her work hours, Kevin wants full custody.  A little boy comes in with a spider in his ear Prentiss uses a skill he picked up serving time in Rikers and coaxes the spider out.  Hannah Cohen, a patient from the bus crash is back, she contracted sepsis at All Saints. Zoey is named hand wash monitor while Prentiss is named Chief of the ER.  Coop is pissed and wants to quit but Jackie tells him he’ll get respect if he mans up.  Jackie takes advantage of Akalitus’s memory lapses and gets her to sign off on a schedule but Kevin surprises her by announcing he’s petitioning for psych tests on the girls.  Jackie, overwhelmed by the day, downloads to the only person who will understand. She calls Charlie Cruz’s voicemail. When Jackie gets home, Zoey surprises her with the girls, cake, a piñata, and a surprise Skype guest, O’Hara.  Grace releases her wrath on the piñata.

Episode 503 – “Smile”

Written By: Liz Flahive

Directed By: Randall Einhorn

Jackie and Kevin are back in mediation, signing papers for joint custody.  After the meeting, Jackie rear ends Kevin and wakes up as a patient in her own ER. Kevin accuses her of using.  Zoey does Jackie’s intake and Akalitus’s forgetfulness is on display as she takes care of Jackie. Coop begins covering for Carrie and taking on a lot more work and more sparks fly. When Carrie checks on Jackie she writes her a script for Oxy, not knowing she’s an addict.  Officer Frank Verelli comes to get Jackie’s statement.  There’s an instant connection between them and he asks her out on a date.  Zoey gets Jackie’s approval on her brand new apartment.  Prentiss gives Jackie a bunch of pre-signed test approval forms so she doesn’t need to clear everything with him.  Jackie and Eddie argue over the terms of their relationship. Jackie takes Frank up on his offer and they go out for coffee.  Frank takes her home in his cop car and asks her out on another date.  She smiles and accepts.

Episode 504 – “Lost Girls”              

Written By: Michael Davidoff & Bill Rosenthal

Directed By: Romeo Tirone

An agitated and heavily medicated Jane Doe is brought into the ER. Jackie tasks Zoey with finding out who she is. Coop invites Carrie to dinner, but Carrie has plans. Later, her plans fall through and she comes back to Coop. He stands up to her, refusing to be her fallback, but his attraction gets the better of him and their date is officially back on. Jackie and Kevin are called into Fiona’s school because she’s been struggling and acting out in class. They vow to be more unified as parents. Jackie catches Grace sneaking around the city to see her much older boyfriend. When Jackie gets back to the hospital, she learns that Akalitus lost Jane Doe just as her concerned husband shows up at the hospital. Akalitus tells Jackie that the “concerned” husband has been drugging Jane Doe and she’s helping her get to a safe house. When Prentiss finds out, the nurses unite to take the blame, but he surprises them all by saying if this happens again they should come to him.

Episode 505 – “Good Thing”

Written By:  Cindy Caponera

Directed By: Randall Einhorn

Jackie starts her day telling Grace she’s not allowed to go to a school dance with her boyfriend.  Jackie is nervous about her date with Frank later that night. Zoey and Thor decide they’ll help her get ready and Eddie offers her some friendly pointers. A dancer comes in with a hurt knee. Prentiss diagnoses it as a sprain and discharges him but Akalitus and Coop catch his spiral fracture just as he’s about to leave. Carrie sexually rewards Coop for his catch. Prentiss and Zoey work in perfect harmony on a pregnant gunshot victim who collapses in the waiting room. Later that night, Jackie and Frank skip the fancy restaurant in favor of a pub. It’s a great date with a good guy. All is going well until Jackie’s phone rings:  It’s Mike Cruz, urging her to lose the date. She follows Cruz to his apartment and he confronts her about calling Charlie’s phone. He falls apart talking about Charlie. A moment of shared grief turns into connection and need and they have sex. At the same time, Grace and her friends sneak out to the dance and a surprise police raid separates Grace from Danny and all of her friends. Alone on the streets of New York, Grace frantically tries calling Jackie but all of her calls go to voicemail. Back at Cruz’s apartment, Jackie notices her missed calls and rushes out to pick up Grace.

Episode 506 – “Walk of Shame”

Written By:  Abe Sylvia

Directed By: Seith Mann

Jackie and Grace both have to recover from their nights of indiscretion. Jackie and Kevin discipline Grace together. Jackie calls Frank to apologize for running out on him. He asks her for a redo that night, but she says she’ll get back to him. Zoey gets stitched up by Prentiss because she was hit in the head by her shower head. Carrie uses flashcards to strengthen her skills then cons Coop into doing more of her work. A skateboarder comes in with a broken arm. Jackie makes Coop promise he’ll give Carrie the next patient. Cruz enters, ready to do his exit interview. Everyone is unsure how to feel about and act around him. Carrie is forced to take on Louie, a heaving drunken mess with a broken nose. As Carrie tries to treat him, he calls her a cunt. Carrie shows a hint of emotion, which she later channels sexually with Coop. Jackie tells Cruz last night was a mistake, but that’s not how he feels. To him, they’re not a one time thing and he’d like to see her later. Prentiss dismisses Anthony, a young black boy, as a drug seeker, but Jackie orders a few tests. When she checks on Louie, he frees himself of his restraints and pushes Jackie over. The commotion triggers a reaction in Anthony, which Prentiss recognizes as PTSD. Jackie arrives at Cruz’s apartment and gives him a final kiss goodbye. Then she makes the healthier choice and takes Frank up on his offer and they share their first kiss.

Episode 507 – “Teachable Moments”

Written By: Daniele Nathanson

Directed By: Jesse Peretz

Frank cancels his and Jackie’s lunch date because he picks up an extra shift at South Street Seaport. Akalitus forgets to hire an escort for a psych patient who ends up laying waste to the pharmacy. Eddie and Jackie, who have reached their limits with Akalitus’s forgetfulness, use this as an opportunity to run her blood. Thor is nervous because the night before he got high but they promise to lose his blood sample. Zoey points out Prentiss’s terrible bedside manner, both with patients and other hospital staff. While transcribing dictation, Zoey hears Coop and Carrie having sex, unaware the machine was recording. Jackie lectures Coop yet again about his relationship with Carrie, and after Carrie botches an appendicitis diagnosis, Coop finally resolves to mentor her. The hospital shuts down when a call comes in. Cop shot at South Street Seaport. Jackie’s whole world stops until she sees the cop isn’t Frank. Prentiss saves the cop and is bear hugged by the entire NYPD. This scare brings Jackie and Frank closer together.

Episode 508 – “Forget It”

Written By: Gina Gold & Aurorae Khoo

Directed By: Randall Einhorn

What clearly is going to be “the night” for Jackie and Frank is interrupted by Kevin, figuring she was at work. Kevin is apologetic, but Jackie is angry, lying about how hard it was to get this one night with Frank. “The night” is postponed and Frank leaves. Akalitus’s blood results are in and her memory loss is a result of a new medication she’s been taking. Akalitus is so relieved to know but wishes she didn’t choose to take this burden on herself. Zoey helps Prentiss organize his disaster of an office. Jackie and Grace get into a fight after Jackie discovers Grace left campus for lunch. Jackie is convinced that Grace is sneaking behind her back to see Danny, but Grace assures her they broke up. Frank tells Jackie that after witnessing hers and Kevin’s argument, he’s worried that’s going to be him down the line. He urges her to work on her issues. And so, Jackie attends an AA meeting. In a moment of panic, Carrie makes the right diagnosis on a patient who cannot breathe. Jackie calls Grace to apologize for her behavior earlier. When they hang up, Grace and Danny snort a line together. Jackie makes amends to Kevin her way.

Episode 509 – “Heart”

Written By: Liz Flahive

Directed By: Jesse Peretz

Jackie and Frank have sex for the first time and he tells her he loves her. Akalitus has an extra spring in her step. Coop wants to take his mentoring of Carrie to the next level, but is discouraged to learn that she’s working a little too closely with Prentiss. He breaks up with Carrie who is genuinely upset. Kevin and Grace show up at the hospital after Kevin found a bag of pills in Grace’s bag. Grace lies about the pills, saying they are Jackie’s, so they both get their blood drawn for testing. Jackie delivers Grace to Akalitus and Thor who give her a scared straight tour of the emergency department. Zoey tells Jackie she’s nervous about the pill in her night table but Jackie shuts her down, hurting Zoey’s feelings. Grace has to assist Jackie with a man who collapses on the sidewalk. Zoey and Prentiss sleep together. Jackie wants the girls to live with Kevin.

Episode 510 – “Soul”

Teleplay By: Clyde Phillips & Tom Straw

Story By: Abe Sylvia

Directed By: Randall Einhorn

It’s Jackie’s one-year anniversary of sobriety and she’s taking her cake today. Jackie and Frank fight. He feels he took a big unreciprocated step forward in their relationship, and now he’s taking one backward. Wally, an 80 year old gay man with advanced liver cancer is admitted into the hospital. Thor instantly gravitates toward him. Zoey acts very professionally and rigid around Prentiss after their intimate evening. Jackie is confused by Frank’s present, a loaf of horseshoe bread. Carrie is notified there will be a peer review of her first few months of residency. She and Coop plead for her to stay, but Akalitus, Prentiss and Jackie vote against and Carrie is fired. However, after consulting a lawyer, Carrie presents the hostile and inappropriate sexual work environment she’s had to work in and Akalitus has no choice but to reinstate her residency. Wally asks Jackie to administer his last rites. When Zoey learns that Grace isn’t going to Jackie’s anniversary celebration, she rents a car and kidnaps Grace from school. Grace has a breakdown about Jackie. Jackie and Frank make up and he leaves so she can get ready for her ceremony. As she’s about to leave the house, Jackie nonchalantly takes the pill from her ring box and swallows it. Jackie arrives at her celebration, stoned, and in front of everyone, including surprise guest O’Hara who has flown in for the special day, Jackie announces that she’s been sober for one year.