MYTHBUSTERS Season Finale Sneak Peek Clips

In this episode of MYTHBUSTERS, Adam and Jamie explore the physics and dangers of shockwaves in water and how to best avoid injury. The myth evolves from instructions given to Navy divers who may be in danger of experiencing a sub-aqua explosion. The primary tip is to float horizontally rather than tread water vertically. Could this small detail really make a death defying difference? The daring duo head to a favorite big boom location, Quarry Lake, to test highly explosive hijink.

Later, Kari, Tory and Grant tackle a mystery of ancient armor technology by testing the strength of a suit of paper armor. In their very own ancient armor Olympics, the trio put paper up against steel in a series of battleground scenarios. Against a barrage of arrows, a savage sword attack and even a cascade of musket fire, can their paper armor perform as well as steel?

Premiering on Discovery Channel Wed., June 29 at 9PM ET/PT