Muzyka: Dragon Age Legends Comes To Google +

Dragon Age Legends

I’m very pleased to announce that Dragon Age Legends is available today on Google+! At BioWare, we’re always looking for opportunities to bring our franchises to a wider audience, whether it’s through movies, comics, novels or through extending our games to different platforms. Our teams continue to innovate in the social gaming space with Dragon Age Legends – providing our existing fans a new way to enjoy the universe of Dragon Age, while also introducing the franchise to millions of new players on Google+ and Facebook. Legends can be played co-operatively as you explore the Free Marches and progress your hero, or competitively against your friends in the Guild PVP arenas; I can attest that however you choose to play it, it’s a fun and highly addictive game 🙂

Another reason we’re excited today is because the BioWare studio family is growing. EA2D, the team behind Dragon Age Legends, has recently joined BioWare and become BioWare San Francisco. We’ve worked with this talented team closely in the past on Dragon Age Journeys and Dragon Age Legends, and they are passionate about quality – smart, creative and highly innovative. I couldn’t be happier to bring them on board within the new BioWare Label. We’re working with the team at BioWare SF to explore new ways to bring high quality games to social networks, and we’ll be sharing more news on their cool new projects with you soon.

I look forward to seeing you online in Dragon Age Legends, and other great BioWare titles in the future!


Dr. Ray Muzyka
Co-founder of BioWare, and General Manager of the BioWare label