Mad Men

Mad Men 2


Mad Men returns to TV tonight with their third season premiere.  When we left our favorites at Sterling Cooper, Don and Betty were somewhat happy to discover that they were expecting baby number three, and a British company had gotten their hands on the company, throwing everyone’s positions in limbo.  I can’t say when the new season begins (that’s one of those spoilers that Matt Weiner asked we not give away), but I can say that all of our favorites are back and as interesting as ever.

Looking at the premiere as a premiere, I’m left feeling a little cold – it’s a perfectly solid hour of the period drama, one with unexpected reveals, and some really good acting, but to me, there’s nothing overwhelmingly clear about where this season itself is going to go.  It’s nice to see Don and Betty kind of happy, nice to see Peggy flourishing, fun to see Bones’ Mr. Nigel-Murray as a reluctant member of the steno-pool, and always fantastic to see Joan and her real-women-have curves.  Pete and Ken are fantastic and Sal’s storyline does so much without words that it quickly stood out as the best story of the hour.  I just wish something bigger would have happened.

I think we’re in for another brilliant season, but right now, I’m a little cautious. Check out the premiere and let me know what you think!


Premiere: Sunday, August 16th on AMC  10/9c