LOST Season 4 Episode 3 The Economist The Seat42f Theory

Lost Season 4 The Economist Photo

Hands down my favorite of the three episodes we have seen thus far in season 4. Season 4 episode 3 ( The Economist ) of Lost dove right into a fantastic Sayid flashforward and didn’t stop until the preview for next weeks episode rolled. Chime in below in the comments to let me know what you think. Did you love it or hate it?  Where did the episode rank for you so far this season?

Let’s dive into the latest questions and my new theories.

Sayid announces he is one of the Oceanic Six?
That makes Sayid the third person to say he is one of the Oceanic Six joining Jack and Hurley. We have yet to hear Kate say she is one of the Oceanic Six even though she probably is.  That means at least two other people get off the island assuming Kate is revealed next week ( the previews sort of gave that away huh?). 

Sayid is a hit man? Our first real WOW moment of the season. Maybe even a top five WOW moment in the series. Sayid is off the island in the future and working as a hit man for Ben. WOW!!!!!!  Working as a hit man to protect his friends no less. Ben is off island so somehow he has gained the upper hand on island to facilitate that in the future. Ben mentions Sayid putting his heart at risk and “how well that worked for him last time.” Did Ben mean with Nadia or does that mean the next person Sayid falls in love with on the island is doomed? Juliette perhaps? Sayid and her had a nice moment on the beach and they are on the same helicopter back to the ship.

Naomi’s bracelet with the inscription…. N, I will always be with you.. R.G. ? So who is RG. Our Lost universe does not include anyone with those initials… that we know of. Like all things Lost it will eventually tie its way back around somehow.. Also, Elsa was wearing a VERY similar bracelet to that of Namoi’s. Sayid seemed to stroke the bracelet the same way he did with Naomi’s. I’m thinking Elsa and Naomi worked for the same guy… R.G.

Lost Clock

Lost Clock

31 Minutes?  Daniels test proved the island is “offset” from the real world by about 31 minutes( give or take a few seconds).  This would help explain aging differently on the island. The real world time and the island time is sort of like light years. Let’s say the rocket should have arrived in 60 seconds. It took 31 minutes to get there even though the ship said it was there.  The bigger question is… is the island “offset” by 31 minutes or is the island “offset” by a multiple of 30. Meaning if something should have taken an hour to get there would it have taken 30 hours. Voice seems to travel in real time because he can talk with the ship however so perhaps only certain wave forms or objects get “held up” in time/space. Hmmmmm….

Naomi being taken off island? Something tells me this was not a good idea  ( something Miles may not be to hip to ). Maybe not so much a good or bad idea but in a way I feel like she was supposed to die or even wanted to die. For whatever reason I feel like she is a bigger part of all of this. Almost like a spy even when she is dead. I still believe that everyone who has died on the island is dead but that somehow those people who die on the island are trapped from the afterlife or post death experience. Perhaps she is going to try and make contact with someone who is dead?  Jacob??? I think the “trapped dead” are how we hear whispers.

Bens Secret Room? Money, passports and lots of clothes. Seems to prove Ben has spent a lot of time off island. This also adds to Ben being able to age off island. Still think you do not age the same way on island. Guessing the 31 minute difference has something to do with that. His currency seemed older so maybe he hasn’t been off island in some time? Or maybe he needs older currency to “travel” to earlier dates in time or one specific date in the past?

This weeks random thoughts…

Frank Lapidus…
Seems easy to write-off as a crackpot but his mind is constantly processing what everyone says. I’m expecting lots of conspiracy theories out of him as he tries to find out what happened to his buddy the pilot. My take is he’s a lot smarter than we are led to believe.

The missing cabin and the sand… is it on wheels? Does it really exist? It’s been seen twice in two different locations by Hurley and Locke. I think at specific times both Hurley and Locke tapped into the cabin and it appeared. Much like the “monster”. I don’t believe the cabin is in a fixed location ( at least not on the island).

The clock timers… add all the numbers up on each clock and you get 14 on each clock… hmmmmmm

Best line of the night… Hurley:  “Oh awesome, the ship sent us another Sawyer”

Sayid and golf…. He seemed to be really good at golf. Why didn’t he play on the island with the rest of the cast in season one? And when did a former Iraqi torture expert and soldier learn the game?

Golf part two… When making the bet Sayid mentions he is one of the Oceanic Six. The guy who rides up in the cart does not take this news well. This is the first negative reaction to someone saying they are one of the Oceanic Six. This guy knew it was bad news. But why? Why and who are Ben and Sayid hunting.

Miles…. No way he is there for Ben… He’s up to something….

Lost Ben Passport Photo

Ben’s fake Passport… Passport name is Dean Moriarty.  Dean Moriarty is a character in Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”…. hmmmmmm Is Ben the catalyst of Lost like Dean Moriarty was for “On The Road”.

Jack and Kate… I got the feeling Jack told Kate to go with the group to protect her. Much like Frank Lapidus Jack is always processing things and my gut says as much as he doesn’t trust Locke he feels like that’s a safer situation for Kate. The “Sawyer won’t let anything happen to you” line was brilliantly awkward.

Charlotte and Daniel.. Both given the chance to go back to the ship but both choose to stay on the island to “work”. 

Lost Elsa 

That 31 minute thing again.. Elsa says on the phone you were supposed to page me at 10:30 as if the page came late – maybe 31 minutes late. Hmmm… She’s using an old pager in what we assume is 2007/2008 in real world time…. double hmmmm…. perhaps she has to use a pager to communicate with her boss because he/she is on the island. I don’t pretend to know the workings of a pager but maybe its outdated technology allows for communication both on and off the island minus the 30 minute delay. How awesome would that be? Ben and Sayid are hunting someone off island that is on the island. 

Until next week….