LONGMIRE Season 5 Scoop: Interview With Katee Sackhoff

After being picked up by Netflix for Seasons 4 and 5, the former A&E drama LONGMIRE continues to explore the crimes and criminals that spring up in Absaroka County, Wyoming and how the local Sheriff’s Office team tracks them down and closes the book on the mysteries surrounding them. At the center of it all is Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and Deputy Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) along with fellow Deputy Jim Ferguson (Adam Bartley) and the office dispatcher Ruby (Louanne Stephens). Events took another dark and perhaps deadly turn in the Season 4 finale of LONGMIRE as the door to Walt’s home burst open and the screen fade away leaving fans and viewers to winder just happened next.

In anticipation of the new season and where things may go for the characters in LONGMIRE, star Katee Sackhoff teases what’s next and shares a bit about what else she has been up to between seasons.

LONGMIRE has had a remarkable run. What is the best part of continuing portraying Vic Moretti?
KATEE: Vic is constantly evolving. That’s what I appreciate the most about her. It keeps the seasons full of excitement and growth. This season for Vic is all about independence. She’s really trying to break free from any dependency she feels she has to any other person or people. I love that. As a person I’m always trying to grow and evolve, I think it’s one of the joys of getting older. Vic being allowed to do the same only makes her more real and relatable.

Should Netflix pick up LONGMIRE beyond Season 5, are you interested in staying with the show as Vic or do you think her story will be done by the end of Season 5?
KATEE: I think Vic has a couple more in her ; )

How quickly does Season 5 pickup after the events in the Season 4 finale? One hour, one day, one week?
KATEE: To me it seems like maybe a few hours. Let’s see….Vic has had time to change, and “go out” , and then…..Hahaha, now I’ve said too much! Just watch Season 5!

Where do we find Vic’s head and heart at when the season starts? Has she resolved her feelings for Walt?
KATEE: I’m not going to give ya that much! That would spoil so much of the season. But we find Vic in a place where she finally feels free. For whatever reason.

How would you describe the Vic-Walt relationship in Season 5?
KATEE: Ironic.

Has the deputy position occupied briefly by Zachary (Barry Sloane) been re-filled or does that continue to be a revolving door for newcomers in Season 5?
KATEE: The position seems to be pretty empty this year. Which selfishly I love. It’s a back to basics with the Sheriff, Vic, Ferg, and Ruby.

What’s new with Vic? What journey does she take in Season 5?
KATEE: Like I said before she’s really on a journey to be independent and break any feelings of dependency she may have.

What have you learned as an actor and as a person from having portrayed Vic for five seasons?
KATEE: I’ve learned that comfort is worth the expense at times. For the first 4 seasons I stayed in a small two-bedroom condo that was quite dark because I wanted to save money. Last season I splurged and rented a beautiful home with a hot tub and yard for the dogs to play in and I was so much more at ease as a person. I felt myself enjoying my time in Santa Fe more and feeling less like I was stuck. That was a valuable lesson. Sometimes we work hard and forget to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Life is short, and while it’s smart, very smart as an actor to save your money, we also can’t take it with us.

What has been some of the most fun parts of working on LONGMIRE?
KATEE: The cast and crew. I truly love them all and it’s a joy every day to go to work.

What storyline surprised you the most?
KATEE: I was always so surprised that Vic seemed to always allow a man’s opinion of her dictate how she felt about herself. It was what gave her a feeling of self-worth. I’m happy this season that she’s breaking away from that.

What is one thing you most appreciate about each of your co-stars and their performances on LONGMIRE?
KATEE: Robert is true and steady. You always know where he’s going to land. Lou is a professional from sun up to sun down. Cassidy has the most beautiful searching heart and soul. I love that. Adam brings this amazing relativity and is a reminder to us all to enjoy work every day. Louanne is the kindest, strongest, most inspiring person in our cast. She is our mamma duck. Full of life and experiences.

What do you think you have learned from them?
KATEE: To enjoy work. I’ve been doing this since I was fourteen and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to do what I do every day. It’s truly an honor to have these people to work with.

What can you tease about Season 5? What should fans look forward to?
KATEE: Everything!!!!

In addition to LONGMIRE, what else have you been working on that you can share?
KATEE: Two movies “Girl Flu” and “Don’t Knock Twice” are finding homes in the U.S. so audiences can watch them. I’m working on a few producing projects that are almost ready. And I leave for London in a month to shoot “Origin Unknown,” a project directed by Hasraf Dulull, that I’m ridiculously excited about!

You have a long history of supporting charity groups. Which is you current passion that you want fans and viewers to embrace with you?
KATEE: Best friends (bestfriends.org), NKLA (nkla.org), No Kid Hungry (nokidhungry.org), Humane Society (hsi.org), PATH (epath.org), Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation (pedaids.org), California Wildlife Center (cawildlife.org)

To see what further professional and personal entanglements keep Walt, Vic, Ferg and Ruby hopping at the Absaroka County Sheriff’s Office, be sure to tune in for the Season 5 release on Friday, September 23rd exclusively on Netflix. To follow Katee Sackhoff’s further adventures, you can find her on Twitter @kateesackhoff