‘Journeyman’ Gretchen Egolf

gretchen egolf photo

Gretchen Egolf: Katie Vasser

Date Of Birth: September, 9th  Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Gretchen Egolf stars as Katie Vasser, the vivacious wife of the time-traveling Dan Vasser in NBC’s new drama “Journeyman.”

Egolf began acting as a child in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Early on, Egolf moved to New York to attend the Juilliard School and has been living and working in New York and Los Angeles ever since. As Egolf’s television and film career began blossoming, her work in the theater, both on and off Broadway, has remained a constant. She has appeared in numerous films over the years including “The Namesake,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” and “Quiz Show.”

Egolf’s television appearances range from Amy Dylan on “Martial Law” to her character as Vanessa Whittaker on “Roswell.” She starred opposite Brad Garrett in the Jackie Gleason television movie “Gleason,” and has guest-starred in numerous shows including “Without a Trace,” NBC’s “Law & Order,” “Century City,” “Nero Wolfe” and “Cosby.”

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