Jesus Sepulveda Mr Tough Life Poster

HBO’s new stand-up comedy special JESUS SEPULVEDA: MR. TOUGH LIFE will debut on FRIDAY, AUG 5 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT) on HBO Latino and will be available to stream on HBO Max. Tune in to see Jesus Sepulveda, one of the youngest and most exciting Latinx comedians from Los Angeles, deliver a night of therapeutic laughter.
Jesus Sepulveda makes his standalone Entre Nos debut with this comedy special recorded at Chelsea Music Hall. Thanks to his own experiences with a tough dad and an even tougher therapist, Sepulveda has finally realized why Latinos love partying and mistrust therapy. Join us for a group session full of stamina and hilarious revelations and discover one of LA’s funniest new voices in stand-up comedy.
HBO Latino’s beloved Entre Nos series has showcased dozens of incredibly talented Latinx comedy performers like Gina Brillon, Chris Estrada, and Shayla Rivera. The eight standalone comedy specials are available to stream on HBO and HBO Max and include “Jesus Sepulveda: Mr. Tough Life” (2022), “Frankie Quiñones: Superhomies” (2021), “Nick Guerra: Love Me at My Worst” (2020), “Shayla Rivera: It’s Not Rocket Science” (2020), “Jerry Garcia: It’s Not My Weekend” (2019), “Gina Brillon: Easily Offended” (2019), “Erik Rivera: Super White” (2019), and “Orlando Leyba: Adorable” (2018). Before “Mr. Tough Life”, Jesus Sepulveda was previously featured in “Entre Nos: The Series” (2018) along with Ramon Rivas, Gina Brillon, and Nick Guerra. Other available episodes in this collection include “Carmen and Alfred” (2022), “The Winners 2” (2021), “What She Said” (2021), “LA Meets NY” (2020), “The Winners” (2020), “About Last Night” (2019), “Spot On” (2019), “Part 4” (2018), “Part 3” (2018), “Part 2” (2017), and “Part 1”(2017).

Jesus Sepulveda is one of the youngest rising Latino comedians in the Los Angeles comedy scene. Before starting a career in comedy, Jesus had a natural talent for making people laugh. He started to hone his comedy act at the age of 15 and has been in the comedy scene ever since.
In 2015, Jesus was selected as one of the 8 finalists for the NBC Diversity Showcase, a competition featuring thousands of standup comedians nationwide. In 2017, Jesus was featured in Chingo Bling’s “They Can’t Deport Us All” Special on Netflix and in HBO’s stand-up comedy special “Entre Nos.”
Jesus’s stage performances display his engaging storytelling, likability, and unrivaled energy. He has performed across the country at iconic sites like The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, the Ice House in Pasadena, the Chelsea Music Hall, The Stand NYC, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, and the Broadway Comedy Club.
Not only can he excite an audience, but Jesus has gained a following who can walk away from his show feeling like they gained a friend.