Janet McTeer On OZARK Season 3 Challenges

Two significant challenges poke Janet McTeer as she tackles about Season 3 of “Ozark.” How can Helen Pierce, the Navarro’s attorney, maintain her frightening and mysterious aura when the season has shown her most human moments? Helen Pierce’s professional and personal life got showcased on the season, and for once, was a show of vulnerability. How did Janet McTeer handle that?

The other challenge was how is she going to talk about Helen Pierce now that her real personality got revealed in Season 3. McTeer chooses not to discuss it but instead let the people watch the series of events play out. Considering the time and effort that she has put into Helen Pierce, the Ozark character would choose the same to; let her work speak for herself.

Ozark Producer Explains Season 3 Finale and Season 4 Possibilities

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ozark’s executive producer Chris Mundy deduced and broke down the Season 3 finale; he elaborated why Helen Pierce had to eat those bullets.

Chris Mundy said, non-verbatim that Helen Pierce may be useful, but there are other lawyers out there. She’s dispensable. After all, Marty and Wendy Byrde already did the impossible. First is getting a casino where they can launder the money, and the second one is their claim that the FBI is in their favor, and the U.S. government can intervene in the war with their enemies. Those feats were impossible, and those initially-bad actions eventually tipped the scales for Marty and Wendy Byrde.

New-season will bring another hope for Bateman’s character to build a solid casino empire. In the third season, the plot was evolving around the casino industry. As Marty and his wife are now along with Missouri state’s biggest casino brand, they can build it in a perfect way. Fans have theories that the fourth season would be dedicated to online casino platforms too. Marty believes only in casino money, so it would be easy for him to open online platforms to get more revenue. Fans are waiting that Marty’s iGaming business would be a copy-cat of real-life online casino platforms. In the third season, Marty was explaining the system of casino venue in detail, so we should wait for the same scenario with an online casino platform. Navaro trusts Marty’s and Wendy’s personal brands and he wants to continue building casino business with them. Jason Bateman’s character will be on the verge of his biggest financial success in next season and after that, we should wait for his big fall in the casino business. 

What about Navarro’s iconic line: “Today is a beginning”? What does that mean? According to Chris Mundy, that implies that Marty and Wendy Byrdes is now an essential part of Omar Navarro’s operations, which also means they are now under his radar. It means wherever he’s mixing his blood in or someone’s blood with the Byrdes, they’re a part of that now. And so whatever happens, Marty and Wendy Byrde is now all in this “partnership” together, 100%. 

Ozark Season 3 has ended very well and has successfully left its fans wanting more.

Jason Bateman on the Season Finale of Ozark and the Seasons To Come

In an interview with the Collider, Jason Bateman talked about his reaction when he learned about what will happen in the Ozark season finale and what his thoughts are about it. According to him, he knew the deaths in the season finale; he’s the director after all. He and Ozark’s executive producer Chris Mundy had the whole season already mapped out from the start, so they know what will happen in the beginning, the middle, and the end, and what kind of deaths are going to happen. They also made sure that the actors got told upfront when their characters are going to die to avoid bad feelings.

Jason Bateman got this question; if Netflix has officially given Ozark a go for a Season 4, what can he tell about it to tease the fans on what’s about to happen? He said that there is no official pick up for it yet, but they are all working as if it will happen. It is Netflix’s custom to wait for a show to premiere, then wait for a few weeks to gather data, and see if there’s an actual audience to prove the feasibility of another season. Their team works as if another season is coming, just to be prepared, and to resolve what Ozark Season 4 can offer.