HIGHLANDER 4K Release Details

The original HIGHLANDER, in electrifying 4K! When Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) is slain in battle in the Scottish Highlands, his kinsfolk don’t mourn the tragedy of his death – they mourn the seeming witchcraft that’s brought him back to life. But MacLeod can’t die, and neither can Juan Ramírez (Sean Connery), who befriends Connor and shows him what it means to be immortal. Time dissolves, the centuries pass, and Connor and his fellow immortals are drawn to New York City, where one will be awarded the Prize while the rest lose their literal heads. This is the timeless tale that launched a film and TV franchise, beloved by millions of fans worldwide. There can only be one!


Year of Production: 1986

Title Copyright: Highlander © 1986 Highlander Productions Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Package Design and Summary: © 2022 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc.

Type: Catalog Re-Release

Closed-Captioned: n/a

Subtitles: Spanish Subtitles, English SDH

Blu-ray Format: 16×9 (1.85:1), 1080P 23.98 High Definition

4K Format: 16×9 (1.85:1), 2160P High Definition, Dolby Vision

Blu-ray Audio: English 5.1 (DTS-HD Master Audio), English 2.0 (DTS-HD Master Audio)

4K Audio: English 5.1 (DTS-HD Master Audio), English 2.0 (DTS-HD Master Audio)

4K + BD SRP: $22.99

Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook SRP: $27.99

4K Special Features:

– The Immortal Attraction of Highlander – Looking back at four decades of Highlander magic

– A Kind of Magic: Music of The Immortals – A featurette on the soundtrack

– There can only be one Kurgan – Clancy Brown remembers Highlander

– Capturing Immortality: Interview with photographer David James

– Audio Commentary with author Jon Melville

– Audio Commentary with Russell Mulcahy

– Audio Commentary with Russell Mulcahy, Peter S. Davis and William N. Panzer

BD Special Features:

– Audio Commentary with Russell Mulcahy

– Interview with Director Russell Mulcahy

– Interview with Christopher Lambert

– The Making of Highlander

– Deleted Scenes

– Archival Interview with Christopher Lambert

– Trailer

Genre:                                    Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Rating:                                   R

On 4K Ultra HD:                    December 13, 2022

Running Time:                       117 minutes

Cast:                Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown, and Sean Connery

Written by:                            Gregory Widen, Peter Bellwood, and Larry Ferguson

Directed by:                           Russell Mulcahy

Produced by:                         Peter S. Davis, William N. Panzer

Executive Producers:            E.C. Monell

Associate Producers:           Eva Monley, Harold Moskovitz, John H. Starke

Director of Photography:     Gerry Fisher

Production Designer:            Allan Cameron

Edited by:                              Peter Honess

Casting by:                            Diane Dimeo, Anne Henderson, Michael McLean

Costume Designer:               Jim Acheson

Highlander 4K Steelbook
Highlander 4K Steelbook
Highlander 4K
Highlander 4K