EXCLUSIVE : GREASE: LIVE Scoop: Shining the Spotlight on Eve Plumb

Enjoying a long career effortlessly crossing between television, film and theater, actress Eve Plumb has embraced all the arts.  One notable performance which fans may recognize, includes Eve playing the role of Jan in THE BRADY BUNCH, THE BRADY BRIDES and laster THE BRADYS.  In addition to television guest appearances and film roles, Eve has also enjoyed a  performing in live theatrical productions in New York and New Jersey in recent years, including the Nora Ephron play “Love, Loss and What I Wore.”  

Eve is currently performing in the latest television craze, the live performance of GREASE: LIVE which airs on Fox. Having formerly played the lead character of Sandy, it is with joy that Eve is joining the talented ensemble with the likes of Aaron Tveit, Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens in Fox’s live-televised performance of the classic “Grease” — and this time around Eve portrays the infamous Mrs. Murdock, a character she is relishing every second of portraying.

In an exclusive interview, Eve Plumb talks about bringing such an iconic stage and film production to live-television broadcast and all the fun she has had working with today’s “cool kids” and what Number One comedy television series she is just dying to get a chance to work on.

How did you hear about GREASE LIVE and what made you want to be a part of it?
EVE:  [Laughs] I auditioned for it and was lucky enough to get it.  I auditioned for Thomas Kail and I am actually glad that at the time that I did not know he was the director of “Hamilton” because I would have been too nervous.  But even if I had known that, he would have put me at ease because he is so charming and so friendly and nice.  It was just a great experience to even audition for him.  

What interested you in doing a live television project? It seems like that might have been a bit intimidating.  
EVE:  Yes, but that is what you are looking for as an actor — something that it is thrilling and exciting and different.  

Are you intimidated at all by the fact that the performance will be broadcast live?
EVE:  No, because as a performer, you are always performing live.  Yes, with film if you mess up, you get another chance and if you are a bit more tentative, you might be more likely to make a mistake.  But if it is live, it’s too bad and you just keep going.  It’s the same thing with theater.

What is you attraction to live performances?
EVE:  I did a show called “Unbroken Circle” a couple of years ago off-Broadway in New York and I also did “Crazy For You” down in Florida. So I’ve done my fair share of live performances recently and am comfortable with it. 

Who are you playing in GREASE: LIVE and what can you share about her?
EVE:  I play Mrs. Murdock and she is the auto shop teacher, and the way I am playing her is she is a sort of rough and tumble kind of gal and no nonsense.  But she has a real rapport with the guys and they like her.  So it’s fun.  She’s a woman in the 1950’s, but sort of the anti-cliche of “a woman does this and a man does that.”  And she gets to hang out with the cool kids — and they are “cool” kids.  All the young actors are definitely the “cool” kids.  They are very talented.

It has to be exciting for you to be included amongst this for GREASE: LIVE.
EVE:  Even watching them during rehearsals was so amazing.  All of our ensemble is top-notch.  It has been great.

What was the feeling when you first heard you go the role?
EVE:  [Laughs]  I guess I’m always surprised when I get something because there is so much disappointment.  So I am always surprised to get a part.  But the first day was fun.  It was at a rehearsal hall in the Valley, and they were already sort of up and running.  They were like, “We’re so glad you are here!” and everyone was so friendly.  It was great. They are always dancing and wiggling and singing.  

It sounds like you are excited to be a part of GREASE: LIVE.
EVE:  Oh, I am.  That’s the main thing. There is a moment where the guy who plays Sonny (Andrew Call), where he doesn’t have a dance partner in one of the dance scenes and he grabs me and takes me around the floor, which is very sweet.  It completely included me, and that is fun.    

What was it like to see someone like Aaron Tveit perform?
EVE:  I am amazed because I knew he was a Broadway performer, but until you see it, you don’t know he can leap and dance and sing.  I was just astonished.  

What has it been like filming on the Warner Bros lot for GREASE: LIVE?
EVE:  It’s fun.  I don’t think I have ever worked there before.  I have auditioned there and visited a friend who does filming mixing, but I have never worked there.  It’s just great.  And there was a like a Hollywood moment from the 1940’s when the director of our show walked by with Swoosie Kurtz the other day.  That was very exciting.  I am also trying to find a way to finagle a way onto THE BIG BANG THEORY set ’cause I am a big fan.  In fact, I had met Simon Helberg’s mother in Central Park because we both take our dogs there for off-leash time and she used to be a casting director.  She even said she remembered auditioning me for “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.”  That was lovely.  

Are you on social media?
EVE:  I am.  I am currently on Twitter, Instagram and I just started a Facebook fan page.  It’s partly because of GREASE: LIVE and how much it is going to be involved with social media and I will be posting photos like from behind-the-scenes leading up to the premiere.

What are you hoping to take away from GREASE: LIVE?
EVE:  To get through it successfully and not have anyone get hurt.  But for me personally, you are always looking for the next job.  Hopefully, this will bring more awareness of my work.  I love musicals and, since I live in New York, there is a lot of TV work now.  I love television.  It’s kind of where I grew up, so to speak.  So I’d love go get to work in my home town.  I know BLUE BLOODS, THE GOOD WIFE, ELEMENTARY, PERSON OF INTEREST, ROYAL PAINS all film there — and now HOMELAND.  There’s so much opportunity.  

To catch Eve as Mrs. Murdock in GREASE: LIVE, be sure to tune in for the broadcast premiere on Sunday, January 31st at 7:00 p.m. on Fox.