GOSSIP GIRL Season 4 Episode 2 Double Identity Recap

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Last week’s premiere left us with more questions than answers, but finally this week we find out whether Chuck is actually alive, whether he and Blair can live without one another, and whether Serena will choose Nate or Dan.


Last week’s premiere left us with more questions than answers, but finally this week we find out whether Chuck is actually alive, whether he and Blair can live without one another, and whether Serena will choose Nate or Dan.

We begin this week with Serena and Blair eating at some Parisian cafe. Blair looks classy in a bright pink dress, while Serena on the other hand looks like a hot mess in a gold jacket with 80’s shoulder pads and a bright blue skirt. I know we’re trying to bring back the 80’s and 90’s, but shoulder pads… I mean, come on. Anyway, enough of their style and onto the real juicy news, Blair is going on another date with the prince that she royally messed up with last week. As Blair heads off to pick out a dress for her date, Serena gets a call from her mom telling her about a body washing up and that it may be Chuck. Lily asks her to go identify the body, so Serena heads to the morgue.

Meanwhile, we see Chuck wake up next to his mysterious new girlfriend who thinks his name is Henry. He starts a new job in Paris — working for someone else, so not Chuck Bass. As he walks to work he runs into Blair, who is driving by him in a car. They lock eyes with each other for a moment and then Blair yells at her driver to go faster. The look on both of their faces as they locked eyes is priceless.

Gossip Girl

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Juliet, Nate’s new stalker, is manipulating him into thinking that Dan is playing games with him to try to win over Serena. They both go to Dan’s place; Dan is in the middle of singing the baby to sleep. Dan tells Nate he hasn’t heard from Serena all summer but when Dan leaves the room he checks Dan’s phone and finds a new text from Serena saying “we need to talk.” Vanessa ends up coming over to Dan’s place too and goes shopping with Juliet. Against all odds these two get along for some reason. Dan takes a nap and while he’s napping Juliet and Nate tell Vanessa that Dan told them that he still has feelings for her. Vanessa, of course, takes the bait and thinks Dan is still in love with her. For some reason I’m sort of rooting for Dan and Vanessa all of sudden even though I’ve been against these two hooking up since the beginning.

Back to Serena at the morgue. She looks at the dead body and fortunately it’s not Chuck. So, she goes back to the hotel and tells Blair about the body washing up and that it wasn’t Chuck. Blair seems to care for about a millisecond and then goes back to hating Chuck. She’s too concerned about her date with the Prince. Serena sets out to find Chuck and ends up at the place where he’s working now. Chuck left early for the day so he’s not there but his boss tells Serena where he’s staying. Serena goes to the place and low and behold Chuck, err, Henry answers the door. He is shocked to find Serena at the door but plays it off well so that his new girlfriend doesn’t suspect anything. He says he doesn’t know who Serena is and shuts the door. Chuck ends up coming out later and he and Serena take a walk. He tells her what happened in Progue and that he doesn’t want to be Chuck Bass anymore. She tries talking sense to him, like that no matter who he pretends to be he’ll still always be Chuck Bass. Serena goes back to her hotel and later gets a package from Chuck with all of the deeds for the Empire, Bass Industries, etc. signing everything over to Lily. Serena rushes back to where Chuck was living but he is already gone. She tries to call Blair before her date but Blair ignores the call.

Blair and Serena later run into each other at Harry Winston’s. For what reason Blair is there I am not sure, but Serena ends up there with the inspector who was looking into Chuck’s shooting and disappearance. They found the massive ring that Chuck was going to give Blair back in New York. It turns out that the body that washed up was the thief who robbed and shot Chuck and with some luck the ring made it back to Harry Winston who knew it was Chuck’s. Through this long story, Blair finds out that Chuck was shot in Progue and is stunned. Serena fills her in that Chuck has signed everything over to Lily and that he has changed his name and may disappear forever. She says Blair is the only one who can stop him. Blair now has a tough decision: keep living the fairytale with the Prince or chase down her true love?

While you sit there and wonder which Blair is going to choose, let’s get back to the Vanessa/Dan + Nate/Juliet saga. Vanessa and Dan talk and he apologizes (sort of) for everything he did in the past and Vanessa takes it as him saying he still loves her, so she leans in for a kiss. Surprisingly, Dan leans in to the kiss as well. Next thing you know they are having sex right there on the couch. After they have sex Vanessa says she’s going to have to thank Nate which totally confuses Dan, so she tells him the whole story and of course he’s pissed off at Nate for lying. He calls Nate to come over. Nate admits that he lied so he could have Serena, but says he only did it because Dan lied about Serena texting him. Dan is confused again because he never saw the text from Serena. Vanessa overhears all of this and is mad because now she knows Dan never said he had feelings for her and that he still isn’t over Serena.

Ready to find out whether Blair chose the Prince or Chuck? Of course, she chose Chuck. She chases him down, in an extravagant red ball gown no less, at the train station before he can leave. She gives him the ring and tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore but that she still wants Chuck Bass in her life. He says he can’t face destroying the one person he loved, but Blair tells him that even Chuck Bass can’t destroy her. In the end, we don’t get our fairytale happy ending with Chuck and Blair (yet) but at least they are on good terms again. Blair goes back to her Prince and tells him that she needs to go back to New York to face her real life again but she leaves him with her high heel and says she hopes he’ll come find her. Chuck goes back to his mysterious girlfriend as well, who I am still convinced has a hidden agenda, and comes clean to her that he is THE Chuck Bass.

Nate and Juliet aren’t on the best of terms after she practically forced him to lie to Dan, but she manipulates her way back into his good graces. She promises to just be his friend, not his life coach from now on. Dan tells Vanessa that he doesn’t care about Serena anymore and whether she chooses him or Nate, he wants to be with Vanessa. This all works out perfectly for Serena’s return to New York. She finds out that Lily is at Dan’s place (she’s there working on a room for the baby), so Serena shows up to surprise everyone but she ends up getting the surprise. Dan and Vanessa show up holding hands and then so do Nate and Juliet. Then, Rufus hands over the baby to Dan for the biggest shocker of all. Dan introduces Serena to his baby girl and says they are going to have to sit down and explain everything. Serena texts Blair “they chose first” and then Gossip Girl blogs about Serena going to Columbia as a single woman this fall, which Blair is none to pleased about.

The episode ends with Rufus finding out that the baby is blood type O, while Dan is blood type AB, so it’s really unlikely that it’s Dan’s baby afterall. Juliet takes down her stalker wall of Nate, but leaves up one picture… Serena’s mugshot. I can’t figure out what that’s all about, except that Serena is her new target to take down.

With Chuck coming clean to his new girl, will he come back to NY? Will the Prince come to NY for Blair? Is it really Dan’s baby? So many questions this season, I’m loving it!