Get New Features For FIFA 11 Ultimate Team


Your FIFA 11 Ultimate Team experience is about to get even better! A huge array of refinements will be made to the game, along with two all-new features:

Play-A-Friend Challenge enables you to test your skills against your friends’ Ultimate Teams, even when they’re not online. Take on your friends’ teams whenever you like with the CPU controlling their squads. Results are recorded and presented to your friends the next time they log onto their consoles. Now you can prove who has the best Ultimate Team whenever you are ready to play. Plus, when you return to your console, you can see who played your team and gloat about wins or get revenge by playing a rematch.

Friends Leaderboards allows you to automatically compare your progress in FIFA 11 Ultimate Team against your friends with personalised leaderboards. You’ll be able to find your personalised leaderboard as a menu option within FIFA Ultimate Team on your console. Friends Leaderboards includes the ability to track who among you and your friends has the best squad of players, the number of coins earned, the number of trades undertaken and the overall value of your club.

What You Need To Know

Service Outage: In order to deliver these new features to your console, we will need to bring the current Ultimate Team servers offline for a while. This will happen at slightly different times depending on where you are and whether you use an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, but will occur between 18:00 GMT on Tuesday 15th February and 22:00pm on Thursday 17th February.

FIFA 11 Game Update: While the servers are offline, we will release a game update for FIFA 11 to enable the new features of Ultimate Team (the update will not affect any other part of the game). This will be an automatic update and you will be notified when it’s ready to download.

Get Your New Content! Once the game update has been released and the servers are back online, the new features for FIFA 11 Ultimate Team will be available through the in-game store, via Xbox Live Marketplace and on the PlayStation Store.

The ULTIMATE TEAM WEB APP will not go offline at any point, meaning you can continue to organise your squads and trade players throughout the service outage.