Five New Series TakeFiveGal Can’t Wait To Check Out

Flash Forward

Glee Cast


So now that I’ve taken a look at the pilots for the season, I wanted to give a run down of the Top 5 new shows I’m looking forward to (in random order) – I’ve watched these shows repeatedly and cannot wait for more!

1.    V – I gave this show an A+ when I reviewed it a few weeks ago, and I still feel that way.  The acting, the writing, the effects, the surprises, the twists, the turns, they’re still great on a second or third viewing!  Elizabeth Mitchell is a brilliant actress, especially when she’s in a take charge role, and that’s exactly what she’s got here.  Her chemistry with the priest played by Joel Gretsch is sacrilegious and hot!  I’m a little worried with the news that they’re shutting down production for a few days to creatively regroup, but people I trust have said that it’s probably just to make the scripts the best that they can be, so I’m still putting this high on the list!

2.    Community – The Soup is the only show on E! that I DVR, because I love me some Joel McHale.  In Community, he is beyond fantastic and if they can keep up with what their pilot offers, it’s going to be the breakout comedy hit of the year.  The Spanish study group that they create in the pilot is one of the strangest hodgepodges of funny people on TV; they all have a different approach to their comedy, and it combines to be hilarious.  I can’t find anything I disliked about the pilot, so I’m all in!

3.    Glee – I have been singing Don’t Stop Believin’ since May.  And now, after seeing the season premiere, I have a new found respect for both Kanye and Rihanna, just because of what Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele can do to their music.  The premiere, “Showmance,” made me laugh out loud for the entire episode, and at the same time, got me a little teary at the end.  It is a show for everyone, with adult jokes, and jokes that teens will get, and music, and bright colors, and Jane Lynch.  I’m a Gleek and I will go wherever this show wants to take me!

4.    Flash Forward – I might have benefited from seeing this show on a giant screen at ABC and it could explain my immense love, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is something amazing about the premise.  The whole world passes out for 2 minutes and 43 seconds.  In that time, they’re subconsciously flashed forward into the future, and when they are revived, they all try to decipher what exactly happened.  I love the cast, and with the announcement that Dominic Monaghan will appear, and will be a series regular, I’m even more in than I was before!

5.    Modern Family – This show is still really funny every time I watch the premiere.  It’s a smart humor, they don’t force-feed jokes, they don’t stop for you to understand the humor.  The writers and the actors playing the roles understand that they have an intelligent viewing audience that doesn’t need a canned laugh track to tell them what was funny.  Stand outs of the stellar cast who play a big old family, so far, are Ty Burrell as the “cool dad” of three kids, and Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny, Ed O’Neill’s character’s step son.


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