EXCLUSIVE : JUSTIFIED’s Legacy: Interviews with Cast on What the Show Leaves Behind

At last night’s special screening at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood, the cast of JUSTIFIED talked about what they hope their character’s legacy and how the show will be remembered.

In exclusive interviews, stars Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Jacob Pitts, Kaitlyn Dever, Jonathan Tucker, Jesse Luken, Jonathan Kowalsky, Duke Davis Roberts, Justin Welborn, Linda Gerhringer and executive producer Graham Yost all shared a few final thoughts on the fascinating characters and stories brought to life in JUSTIFIED, as well as offering a few words for new viewers just discovering the show.

Star Timothy Olyphant speculated what Raylan and Boyd will miss most from their “dance with the devil” in their final showdown in the finale.  He also invites new viewers and fans to check out the show, they are pretty proud of it. Executive producer Graham Yost talked about what he thought the show did best:  honoring the vision of Elmore Leonard.  Walton Goggins said he was proud that the show depicted life in Maryland, where he grew up, so wonderfully.  Jacob Pitts’ advice for new binge-watching fans is to get out a bit and hydrate. 

Six seasons is a lot to get through but it is a wonderful journey.  Fans just discovering the show are in for a treat!

The climatic series finale of JUSTIFIED airs tonight, April 14th at 10:00 p.m. on FX. Whether you have been with the series from the beginning six seasons ago or are a new fan, this episode is not to be missed.  It’s been a thrilling ride and deserves a great send-off with fans everywhere sharing in its bloody, glorious conclusion.