EA Sports Releases NCAA FOOTBALL 12

NCAA Football 12

While there are still months left until the glory of college football returns to campus, you can get your fill today. That’s right, NCAA Football 12 has finally been released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!  Fresh from a six hour long live gameplay stream where raw game footage was shown, NCAA Football 12 is ready for the public.

NCAA Football 12 delivers the pride and pageantry of game day Saturday like never before with enhanced graphics, plus an all-new momentum-based collision system that allows fans to control their player up until the moment of impact.

In Road to Glory, fans can now play both sides of the ball in high school while being recruited by schools for each position.  Entering college, fans must choose which side of the ball to play on, then fight to keep their starting job and earn their coach’s trust to unlock extra abilities, all while keeping sights set on becoming a Heisman trophy winner.

With the enhanced Dynasty mode, fans take the reigns as a coach and manage their destiny through the new Coaching Carousel feature.  Fans can start as a coordinator or take over as head coach and begin a career climbing the ranks of the coaching ladder on a mission to lead their dream team to the coveted national championship.

Don’t forget that the EA SPORTS team is also bringing you an inside look at the process behind making NCAA Football 12! The four-part series starts this Thursday at 7pm ET on ESPNU. The show will take you behind the scenes and into the studio as the EA SPORTS team races to finish its perennial college football powerhouse.

After a year of waiting, it’s finally here. Grab your copy on Origin today!