Chuck Adam Baldwin Biography

Adam Baldwin: Major John Casey

Date Of Birth: February 27th, 1962  Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Adam Baldwin stars as Major John Casey, a National Security Agent, whose main objective is protecting Chuck Bartowski and the vital government information stored in his brain in NBC’s new action-comedy “Chuck.”

Baldwin has amassed an impressive range of over 60 feature-film roles ranging from large studio projects to gritty independents. The latest chapter presents Baldwin the opportunity of a lifetime when writer-producer Joss Whedon created the sci fi film “Serenity” where Baldwin reprised his role from the TV series “Firefly.”

As a teenager in Chicago, Baldwin was chosen from among 4,000 aspiring actors to play the title role of Ricky Linderman in the 1980 film “My Bodyguard.” During that same year, he caught the attention of Robert Redford, and was cast in the hit feature “Ordinary People.”

Baldwin went on to work with the legendary Stanley Kubrick as Animal Mother in “Full Metal Jacket.” Television has also been a great medium for Baldwin as it has provided him the opportunity to play some all-American characters in such projects as HBO’s acclaimed “From the Earth to the Moon” and the last two seasons of “The X-Files.” Baldwin resides in Los Angeles.