‘Journeyman’ Kevin McKidd

kevin mckidd photo journeyman

Kevin McKidd: Dan Vasser

Date Of Birth: August 9th, 1973  Hometown: Elgin, Scotland

Kevin McKidd stars as Dan Vasser, a San Francisco reporter who miraculously begins to travel through time in NBC’s new one-hour drama “Journeyman.”

Originally brought up in Elgin, Scotland, McKidd began acting as a member of the Moray Youth Theatre. He then went on to study Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. While at the university, McKidd became involved with the college’s Bedlam Theatre. Later, he decided to give up on engineering and dropped out of the university to pursue his acting career full-time.

In 1994 McKidd landed the leading role in the stage play “The Silver Darlings,” produced by the Wild Cat Theatre Company. It was only a matter of time before McKidd made his screen debut as the vicious gangleader Malky Johnson in Gillies Mackinnon's “Small Faces." His next role was as Tommy, the tragic, gentle giant in “Trainspotting.”

Most recently McKidd starred as Lucius Vorenus in the television series “Rome.” His recent feature films include “Hannibal Rising,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “De-Lovely” and “Nicholas Nickleby.” McKidd is also starring in the upcoming comedy "Made of Honor" for Sony Pictures.

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