Carlton Cuse Goes Back To Work On ‘Lost’

Fans Of Lost 1 – WGA 0

According to TvGuide Carlton Cuse has crossed the picket line and gone back to work on 'Lost.' Determined not to let someone else work on the first half of season 4 of 'Lost' Cuse will be working on the episodes as a producer only making sure the post production of the series stays true to form for the fans of the show. "We feel we owe that to our fans," he told the New York Times. "We would harm our franchise if we didn't do it ourselves."

This move comes just one week after a showrunner rally that saw more than 100 of TV's top showrunners joined their fellow Writers Guild members on the picket line at Disney/ABC Studios in Burbank. While technically Cuse is not breaking the rules the WGA does 'frown' on crossing the line for any work. It's nice to see someone from either side of this mess step up and remember that like the non-union crews working on these series the fans are also collateral damage during this strike.

Here is the language with reagards to hyphantes crossing the line:

The Guild strongly believes that no member should cross a WGA picket line or enter the premises of a struck company for any purpose. Under applicable law, however, the Guild may not discipline a hyphenate for performing non-writing services.

Hyphenates (i.e. members employed in dual capacities such as writer-director, writer-producer, etc.) may not perform any writing services, including “(a) through (h)” services, for a struck company. The MBA defines “(a) through (h)” as follows: 

(a) Cutting for time
(b) Bridging material necessitated by cutting for time
(c) Changes in technical or stage directions
(d) Assignment of lines to other existing characters occasioned by cast changes
(e) Changes necessary to obtain continuity acceptance or legal clearance
(f) Casual minor adjustments in dialogue or narration made prior to or during the period of principal photography
(g) Such changes in the course of production as are made necessary by unforeseen contingencies (e.g., the elements, accidents to performers, etc.)

(h) Instructions, directions, or suggestions, whether oral or written, made to a writer regarding story or screenplay