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DVD RELEASE DATE : September, 18th 2012 Click Here To Buy

Relying on the most credible alien evidence available on earth, this HISTORY® collection unravels some of the more puzzling mysteries surrounding the age old debate: have intelligent life forms from outer space been visiting earth for millennia? And, do they visit us today?  Discover for yourself in BEST OF ANCIENT ALIENS, an intriguing and thought-provoking collection featuring four of the series’ comst compelling episodes on 2 discs, DVD or BD.

From the age of dinosaurs to ancient Egypt to the skies over today’s American west, this hit series gives historic depth and bleeding edge research to all the questions. Find out if ancient texts refer to UFO phenomena, if petroglyphs reflect men in space suits and what your chances are of being abducted by Greys. This amazing collection will blow your mind whether you’re an ancient aliens theorist, a non-believer, or somewhere in between.